Little Man’s 3rd Birthday!

Amazngly, our little man is three today and one thing I've noted is how difficult it is to find age appropriate presents. Whether it's birthday's or Christmas, I never seem to find any presents that I think would be suitable, I only ever seem to find either stacking cups or an advanced science kit!

Having struggled to decide on presents, for his birthday this year we've got him...

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet - link
This present has had me split. My son is great with technology and regularly spends time using our mobile phones to play games and do reading eggs, which is developing his reading, maths and co-ordination skills, also using the touch-pad mouse is helping him multitask - so it makes sense that he has his own device. But the flip side of this is that I'm concerned that he may end up spending too much time using IT rather than building on some of his other more creative pastimes. 
The good thing about the Kids Edition of the Fire is that it comes with a two year worry free guarantee, which means any accidental damage will be covered - no questions asked (that said he is generally very careful with his possessions). Time will whether this is a good present for him or not. 
Crayola Dual Sided Dry Erase Board - link
My son loves drawing pictures and will happily squirrel himself away to draw pictures of rockets (or our family). We've got him a Crayola dry wipe board which we can take it with us wherever we go and he can doodle to his hearts content.
That's not my... Zebra Colours - link
Having bought a number of other 'That's Not My...' books (Dinosaur, Elf, High Chart & Book, Taller & Shorter) previously for my son, I picked up the Zebra Colours version so we can use it to teach him to read.
Galts Water Magic ABC - link
He loves a similar product which features Thomas the Tank, so we've got him another one which we can use to help teach him how to write his alphabet. As they use only water, I love these kinds of books as you can re-use them once the water has dried/evaporated.
In previous years we've gone overboard with presents, but this year we've decided to go with quality over quantity. Hopefully he'll appreciate the presents we've got him, I'm sure he will as he has been in the past.

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