My Sunday Photo - Setting Sun

I'm trying to make sure I participate each week in #MySundayPhoto. My Sunday Photo is run by Photalife to showcase your favourite photos you have taken in the past week.

My choice of photograph today is a shot of a sunset over the river Severn. The sunset looked majestic over the countryside, so again I grabbed the only camera to hand (my phone) and took the shot.

With this photo, I love the contrast between the burst of light from the sun and the dark countryside in the foreground. Then there’s the clouds, moody and grey, full of rain, but the sun is catching the underside, highlighting every edge.



  1. That's a gorgeous photo, it looks like the river is pretty full and is that a bit of flooding in the fields?

    1. Thank you. With all of the recent rain and snow the river has burst it's banks but fortunately it only goes on to designated flood plains, but I think it adds to the photo :)

  2. Gorgeous colours in this, the skies are stunning this time of year

    Thank you for linking up