My #H2Only Challenge - Day 5 Update

Wow, half way through my #H2Only Challenge and so far I’ve stuck to water only to drink, but that’s only half the story of my first five days.

Day one was strange as I’ve been pretty much addicted to either colas (pre-Christmas) and other fizzy drinks for a long time, so to drink only water just felt weird. That said, as it was the first day it was easy enough, on day two the ‘fun’ started.

My little boy had picked up a flu bug and so I spent the day at home looking after him. As the day wore on I could feel the bug taking hold of me and since then I’ve been as good as bed bound.

You may be asking what’s this got do with the H2Only challenge. Well I can’t swallow tablets and normally I take soluble paracetamol, etc, but it left me in a bit of a conundrum. Would taking soluble paracetamol be allowed as part of the challenge? Should I take them and just not mention them..? All thoughts that ran through my head. But to be true to myself and the challenge I resisted. What I really needed was to rest up and, you guessed it, drink plenty of water. 

What I hadn’t occurred to me was how only drink water would affect my overall consumption of liquid. I’ve realised that I’ve not been able to stomach drinking large quantities of just water. On a normal working day I can easily drink 5, 6, 7 pints of squash, but since starting this challenge, I struggled to finish a second pint of water. Doubled with the flu bug, I’ve felt really dehydrated which hasn’t helped how I’ve felt.

Even though I’ve spent most of the time curled up at home, temptation has been all around me but I’ve resisted (just about) so far. Halfway through and I’m positive I’ll make it to the end of this challenge only drinking water.

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