Jobs For The Boy

No, no, no... rest assured, this isn't a post about jobs that only men can do, it's all about the things that my 2YO son does and what career(s) he might forge based on my recent observations. Whilst he does play with typical toys that might suggest wanting to become a fireman, astronaut or footballer, I want to pick out the more obscure careers that he might be interested in.

We’ll start off with an easy one. For Christmas we bought him a little play kitchen and he loves making us all sorts of foods and won’t take no for an answer. Perhaps he’ll become a maître d' at a top restaurant, or perhaps a chef in a greasy spoon cafe.

He's recently got some jungle animal snap cards and last night, whilst playing a game with my mum (his nanny), he started shuffling the cards unprompted, so obviously he's practising to be a Croupier in Las Vegas.

One of his favourite things to play with (and has been since he was young) are plastic food bag clips, we call them 'nippers'.  In recent weeks he's started using them to shave anyone that's nearby with his nipper. Perhaps he's developing his skills to be a barber / hairdresser?

On Saturday morning, he opened his money box and was putting the coins into piles, resembling a certain Christmas character. Maybe, just maybe, he could be the next accountantbusiness man or entrepreneur like Ebenezer Scrooge, at least he could have a book written about him!

Earlier he started squeezing my arm, no reason why just being a toddler, but maybe it’s the beginnings of a career as a masseuse?

With all these ideas floating around my head, I've not even consider what the job market will look like in 20 years when he'll start looking, and who knows what it will be like in 60+ years when he retires!

I'm sure with Baby Girl on the way in a few months, I'll do a 'Jobs for the Girl' post when she's a similar age and look at if things have changed for my son.

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