Film Night | Monsters University [2013]

“We’re OK! We’re OK! We’re OK! We’re OK! We’re OK!”


Having started to watch Monsters Inc [2001] over Christmas, I managed to persuade my 2yo to watch the prequel, Monsters University [2013].

Monsters University delves into the backstory of Mike Wazowski, a monster inspired to go to Monster University and become a scarer on a trip to Monsters Inc, and James P. 'Sully' Sullivan, who's family are famous scarers.  After starting university, the two meet after Sully breaks into Mike's room after stealing the team mascot from a rival university. The two are polar opposites when it comes to studying, Mike knows every text book inside out and can quote scarring theory off the top of his head, whereas Sully believes in natural ability. This leads to competition in the lecture room, the pair end up breaking the Dean's scream cylinder leading to them being kicked off their scare course. Mike then makes a deal with the Dean that if he and the rest of his Oozma Kappa can win the Scare Game (a kind of university Olympic games), they will be allowed back on the course. The film focuses on the trials and tribulations of trying to win the Scare Games.

As with all of the Pixar films, the animation is great with all the monsters having really nice detailing in either their scales or fur. Then there's the voice actors, most of which you'll recognise from the earlier film or from other Pixar films.  John Goodman's (Sully) voice lends itself well to a hulking scary monster, Billy Crystal is now synonymous as Mike and the Dean voiced by Helen Mirren is dominating and intimidating.

I liked the first film, but I love the second (this was about the fourth time I've seen it). I had a chat with my son after the film and he rated the film as ‘different good’ , which I guess is a positive, but probably won’t sell many copies of the film!

'Monsters University' [2013] - 4/5

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