2018 New Years Resolutions

...So last year i tried setting myself a number of New Year's resolutions and, being honest, I didn't do very well against them (you can read up on how many i achieved here) and i tried to do too many resolutions in one go. For this year I'm going to keep it simple by only having a couple of resolutions to keep to.

These are my five resolutions:
  1. Be more active in the blogging community - Each week I'll seek out a number (3) of Dad Bloggers to read their latest posts and leave them a comment. I'm also going to participate in at least one blog related Twitter Chat each month.
  2. Have a family day out each month - This resolution has a dual purpose, firstly it will be nice to go out a family to explore new places (or even revisit old ones) and secondly it should provide me with some great content to share with you.
  3. Take better care of myself - A resolution that most people will have if they want to shift a few pounds.  I'm going to try and be lighter at the end of the year than the start, but aim to lose a stone (measurable and achievable...?). Also, keep on top of things like having a shave and getting a haircut when I need them rather than making excuses not to get my arse in to gear.
  4. Post more regularly to my blog - probably the most relevant to this forum, I want to get back to posting more regularly on my blog about family things. A combination of things meant recently I haven't posted as regularly as I was in the first half of the year, so I'll aim to get at least one post out a week.
  5. Watch the top 10 movies listed on IMDBs top 250 movies list - People always looked shocked at the films I've not seen (The Godfather and Jaws to name but two), so I want to rectify that starting with the top ten according to IMDB and it's members.
I've also got three other things that I'm going to try and do in the upcoming year:
  • Give up drinking cola - Over Christmas I didn't feel very well and i attributed that to having drunk too much cola in the lead up to Christmas. For that reason, I'm 'giving up' cola for as long as I can. I would rather this was for lent, but needs must and I'll see how long I can stick it out.
  • Complete my Pokedex in Pokemon Go - I've enjoyed playing Pokemon Go since it's release and I made it my goal to complete my Pokedex. Generally I've kept up with the Pokemon that have been released, but there are still a few I'm missing so I'm going to continue trying to catch them all (to coin a phrase). NB - To complete the Pokedex, I'm not including Mewtwo (until I get an EX raid pass) and regional exclusives unless they migrate to accessible places to me as I don't currently have funds set aside to travel to catch Pokemon.
  • Be the best father I can - I'm so proud of how my 2yo is turning out, and with a little sister on the way, I want to be the best father I can - hence wanting to go for days out to treat them.  I've learnt a lot from my first child which I can hopefully take forward in the raising of my daughter when she arrives in April.
Five resolutions, plus three extras, for 2018 feel more achievable and I should be able to provide updates more easily than last year.  Honestly, I start out with good intentions but sometimes life gets in the way, so I'm intending to do a month review post (that's one of my posts per month sorted!).

Let me know in the comments below if you think I'll keep to my resolutions.

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