18 for 2018 | My Goals

2018 is in full flow now, and it's time to consider some goals that I want to achieve before 2019 arrives. There will be some similarities to my New Years Resolutions post as some of the goals are duplicates of resolutions.


I want to get to:
  • Reinvent ‘the week that was’ to be ‘What I've been Up To’ - One of the reason for starting to blog was to record what I'd been up to, but having put my 'week that was' posts on hold, I've missed them. So I'm going to do a monthly 'What I've Been Up To' post.
  • Be more active in the blogging community - Reading and commenting on Dad Blogs each week.
  • Create a media kit for my blog - since starting to blog, I've been meaning to create a media kit to be shared with anyone that may want to work with me.
  • Improve my consistency in sharing posts across all my social media - last year I got better at sharing on Facebook and Twitter, but I need to start using Instagram more.
  • Visit Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch - I saw it on the television over Christmas and now I've got a need to visit. Luckily I've got some family that live nearby so it won't be a long journey just to get a photo by a sign, we'll pop by and see them too.
  • Get away for a city retreat as a four - We'll probably head to Bristol for the Gromit Unleashed 2 trail, but to get away for a night or two would be nice.
  • Have a family day out each month - particularly since our son was born, I've become developed itchy feet and I've wanted to get out more, so each month I want to have a family day out.
  • Support Nikki as she progresses through her pregnancy and as we both try to adjust to having two children in our lives - Although we've been through it all once before, we only had to concentrate on our son... this time round there will be two of them competing for our attention with very different needs.
  • Watch the top 10 movies listed on IMDBs top 250 movies list - I still haven't seen most of the top rated films, so I want to start by watching the top 10 films. The two biggest hurdles to over come will be sourcing the films and finding time to watch them.
  • Watch 'Avengers: Infinity War' [2018] in IMAX - Despite having an IMAX cinema just up the road, I've still not seen a film in IMAX, so I want to make 'Avengers: Infinity War' my first (you never forget your first...).
  • Get promoted at work - fairly self explanatory, but I'm at the stage of my career where I'm ready to progress.
  • Be more adventurous when visiting restaurants - I tend to stick to a handful of meals, but in 2018 I want to branch out.
Thank you to Kirsty from Life With Boys for tagging me in the '18 for 2018', you can read her goals here. As I'm a bit late getting round to publishing this I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you fancy giving it a go leave a link to your post in the comments below as I'd love to have a read!

My #H2Only Challenge - Day 5 Update

Wow, half way through my #H2Only Challenge and so far I’ve stuck to water only to drink, but that’s only half the story of my first five days.

Day one was strange as I’ve been pretty much addicted to either colas (pre-Christmas) and other fizzy drinks for a long time, so to drink only water just felt weird. That said, as it was the first day it was easy enough, on day two the ‘fun’ started.

My little boy had picked up a flu bug and so I spent the day at home looking after him. As the day wore on I could feel the bug taking hold of me and since then I’ve been as good as bed bound.

You may be asking what’s this got do with the H2Only challenge. Well I can’t swallow tablets and normally I take soluble paracetamol, etc, but it left me in a bit of a conundrum. Would taking soluble paracetamol be allowed as part of the challenge? Should I take them and just not mention them..? All thoughts that ran through my head. But to be true to myself and the challenge I resisted. What I really needed was to rest up and, you guessed it, drink plenty of water. 

What I hadn’t occurred to me was how only drink water would affect my overall consumption of liquid. I’ve realised that I’ve not been able to stomach drinking large quantities of just water. On a normal working day I can easily drink 5, 6, 7 pints of squash, but since starting this challenge, I struggled to finish a second pint of water. Doubled with the flu bug, I’ve felt really dehydrated which hasn’t helped how I’ve felt.

Even though I’ve spent most of the time curled up at home, temptation has been all around me but I’ve resisted (just about) so far. Halfway through and I’m positive I’ll make it to the end of this challenge only drinking water.

If you can sponsor me for this, please follow the link below and donate on my JustGiving page.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!


My #H2Only Challenge

"No tea. No coffee. No fizzy drinks. No wine. No beer. No orange juice. Just water for 10 tough days." - the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)

The powers that be at work have challenged their employees to take part in a H2Only challenge from RNLI, in which they only drink water for 10 days. So that's no alcohol, coffee, tea, juices or soft drinks, just good 'ol H2O between 22 and 31 January.

The RNLI are fundraising for a new state-of-the-art Shannon-class lifeboat to be stationed at Wells-Next-The-Sea. The idea is that by cutting out all these different drinks, we then donate some (or all) of the money.

Straight off the bat, alcohol, tea and coffee will not be an issue for me as I rarely drink booze or tea. And coffee? Even the thought of drinking a sip of coffee makes my stomach churn. It's the soft drinks that will be difficult to give up. Having said that, I haven't had a drink of Coca Cola, Pepsi or other caffeinated soft drink since Christmas Eve (except for one glass at an event with work that someone had bought for me, not realising that I had given it up) so maybe it won't be all that hard?

So, for the next 10 days I will be drinking purely water. And that means no squash to give it flavour! And no flavoured water either. I have a JustGiving page which, if you should have a spare pound or two, I'd love if you could sponsor me to take part in the challenge - just click on the link below. Or, if it's easier, simply text 'BTIM83 £1' to 70070 to donate £1

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

You can follow my daily progress over on Twitter and I will post an update here at the end of the week as well as at the end of the challenge.

Do you think you could drink only water for 10 days? Do you think I can drink only water for 10 days? Leave me a comment and let me know!

My Sunday Photo - Setting Sun

I'm trying to make sure I participate each week in #MySundayPhoto. My Sunday Photo is run by Photalife to showcase your favourite photos you have taken in the past week.

My choice of photograph today is a shot of a sunset over the river Severn. The sunset looked majestic over the countryside, so again I grabbed the only camera to hand (my phone) and took the shot.

With this photo, I love the contrast between the burst of light from the sun and the dark countryside in the foreground. Then there’s the clouds, moody and grey, full of rain, but the sun is catching the underside, highlighting every edge.


Shrewsbury Town 2 - 2 Doncaster Rovers | League One | 20/01/2018


After three difficult games in the space of 10 days (West Ham United home and away in the FA Cup third round and Blackburn at Ewood Park), Shrewsbury returned to home to play Doncaster Rovers. Recent signings Max Lowe and Luke Hendrie both started the game and it was the first time I'd really seen them play.

Starting the game in mid-table, Doncaster visited the Montgomery Waters Meadow on a run of three games without a win. I was surprised by the Donny teamsheet as I only recognised the name of James Coppinger, a mainstay of Doncaster over the last 14 years.

Shrewsbury: Henderson; Hendrie (Payne 87), Nsiala, Sadler, Lowe; Godfrey, Whalley, Nolan, Ogogo, Rodman (for Beckles 72); C Morris
Subs: Riley, Godfrey, C Morris, John-Lewis, MacGillivray, Adams, Rodman

Doncaster Rovers: Lawlor, Blair, Butler (Baudry 11), Wright, Mason, Houghton (Ben Khemisat 70), Kongolo (Beestin 45), Coppinger, Whiteman, Rowe, Marquis
Subs: Baudry, Marosi, Mandeville, May, Garratt, Beestin, Ben Khemis

First Half
Morris free header from Whalley free-kick just over the bar after 8 minutes

Shrewsbury deservedly took the lead as Mat Sadler stabbed home from close range as the ball dropped to him from a corner. Nsiala had the first effort but this was cleared off the line, before Sadler calmly struck home.

A few minutes later Sadler had a great opportunity to double the lead, again from a corner, Nsiala header the ball back across goal and sat up to be volleyed right-footed by Sadler but the ball flew just over the crossbar. Perhaps if the ball fell on to his left foot, the ball would have nestled in the back of the net.

Second Half
Shrewsbury started the second half well and Toto Nsiala had his header clawed away by the Rovers goalkeeper.

Doncaster improved as the game went on and almost drew level when the ball broke nicely to a midfielder bursting forwards, he struck the ball sweetly, but the ball went just wide of the goal.

Max Lowe burst into the box from the left leaving two defenders in his wake, his cross was intercepted and the ball came back to him but his shot hit the side netting.

Shrewsbury doubled their lead in a similar fashion to the first goal. Shaun Whalley put in a corner to Nsiala, whose header found Carlton Morris, who poked home to make it 2-0.

Doncaster were growing into the game, perhaps it was the hectic schedule that Shrewsbury had endured over the past two weeks, but Rovers were pressing to get back into the match. They got their reward as Dean Henderson slipped on the goal-line as a corner came in and a Donny player rose highest in the six yard box to nod home and make it 2-1.

Doncaster almost drew level, but Henderson stood firm and tipped a powerful shot over the crossbar.

With the wind in their sales, Doncaster pushed to draw the game level and they managed it from the games most controversial moment. Doncaster put over a cross and Henderson caught the ball whilst moving backwards, and as he staggered in to the goal net the linesman ruled that the ball had crossed the line and a goal should be awarded.

A final chance fell to Doncaster late in the game similar to Morris' headed effort in the first half, by Shrewsbury fans were glad to see the ball land on the top on the netting.

Final Thoughts
If Shrewsbury had gone in at half time 3-0 up I don't think anyone could have complained, but with a slender 1-0 lead things were a little bit nervy. As eluded to above, Shrewsbury had faced a difficult fortnight in the run-up to this game and playing extra time in the FA Cup replay, and perhaps this is why they dropped deeper as the game went on.

It's a cliche, but this was a game where two points were dropped. For most of the season Dean Henderson has been a beacon of consistency, but he was culpable for both goals today, first with the slip and then carrying the ball over the line when he may have dealt with the cross in another way. But I think Town fans will forgive him as he has regularly produced world class saves to preserve victories and draws so far this season.

I'll also comment to say that I'd question the decision of Paul Hurst to tinker with the formation just before the second Doncaster goal, changing to three centre halves. Hopefully this was a blip and with the success we've had this season, I can accept one in the same way I'll still be backing Henderson in future matches.

Just for clarification, I was sat in line with goal when Henderson stepped back over his line, and my initial thoughts were that the ball went with him. At the time of writing this, I'm still waiting to see confirmation (either way) as to whether the goal was correct in being awarded.

Man of the Match - Carlton Morris
There were a number of players who caught the eye today, but it felt like a solid team performance and not a spectacular one. Nsiala caused problems from corners and got two assists, Lowe and Hendrie also looked good coming in on either fullback position. but Morris was my man of the match.

As Shrewsbury Town fans have come to expect, Morris worked the entire Doncaster backline by himself, dragging centre halves away to create space for the creative players like Rodman, Whalley and Nolan. I was pleased that he got a goal as I think his recent play has warranted one.

Jobs For The Boy

No, no, no... rest assured, this isn't a post about jobs that only men can do, it's all about the things that my 2YO son does and what career(s) he might forge based on my recent observations. Whilst he does play with typical toys that might suggest wanting to become a fireman, astronaut or footballer, I want to pick out the more obscure careers that he might be interested in.

We’ll start off with an easy one. For Christmas we bought him a little play kitchen and he loves making us all sorts of foods and won’t take no for an answer. Perhaps he’ll become a maître d' at a top restaurant, or perhaps a chef in a greasy spoon cafe.

He's recently got some jungle animal snap cards and last night, whilst playing a game with my mum (his nanny), he started shuffling the cards unprompted, so obviously he's practising to be a Croupier in Las Vegas.

One of his favourite things to play with (and has been since he was young) are plastic food bag clips, we call them 'nippers'.  In recent weeks he's started using them to shave anyone that's nearby with his nipper. Perhaps he's developing his skills to be a barber / hairdresser?

On Saturday morning, he opened his money box and was putting the coins into piles, resembling a certain Christmas character. Maybe, just maybe, he could be the next accountantbusiness man or entrepreneur like Ebenezer Scrooge, at least he could have a book written about him!

Earlier he started squeezing my arm, no reason why just being a toddler, but maybe it’s the beginnings of a career as a masseuse?

With all these ideas floating around my head, I've not even consider what the job market will look like in 20 years when he'll start looking, and who knows what it will be like in 60+ years when he retires!

I'm sure with Baby Girl on the way in a few months, I'll do a 'Jobs for the Girl' post when she's a similar age and look at if things have changed for my son.

My Sunday Photo - Train’s Late

I'm trying to make sure I participate each week in #MySundayPhoto. My Sunday Photo is run by Photalife to showcase your favourite photos you have taken in the past week.

This photograph was taken on Monday morning as I strolled around Shrewsbury railway station, waiting for my train to arrive. Seeing the slight frost on the tracks and the sunrise in the distance, I raised my phone (the only camera to hand) to take a couple of snaps.

I like the way the track, platform and roof all lead into a vanishing point just off centre, also the colours generated from the sunrise and it's reflection on the stationary carriages to the right of the picture.

Shrewsbury Town 0 - 0 West Ham United | FA Cup Round Three | 07/01/2017


After beating Morecambe in round two of the FA Cup, Shrewsbury Town were drawn out to play West Ham United at home. At the time it felt like a good draw as West Ham were struggling in the Premier League and Shrewsbury were flying high in League One, but following a change in manager West Ham’s fortunes had improved and the defensive mistakes were being minimised.

Shrewsbury struggled with a mini slump in mid-December but regained their momentum over the festive period by taking 10 points from a possible 12. The match day squad included Max Lowe who had joined from Derby County on loan until the end of the season. There was a bit of a surprise when the teams were announced as Dean Henderson's name was included, having not been given permission to play in the last round.

West Ham came to Shrewsbury with mixed form having held some of the top premier league sides but losing to some of their fellow strugglers. The game saw West Ham manager David Moyes return to the club he played for back in the 1980’s and also the return of Joe Hart who was born in the town and started his career coming through the Shrewsbury youth teams.

Shrewsbury Town: Henderson; Bolton, Sadler, Nsiala, Beckles; Godfrey; Whalley (Gnahoua 88), Ogogo, Nolan, Rodman (Lowe 76); C. Morris (Payne 82)
Subs: Lowe, Dodds, Gnahoua, John-Lewis, MacGillivray, B Morris, Payne

West Ham United: Hart, Burke, Rice, Reid (Quina 86), Ogbonna, Masuaku, Kouyate, Obiang, Cullen, Chicharito (Martinez 71), Ayew.
Subs: Adrián, Haksabanovic, Martínez, Quina, Samuelsen, Neufville, Makasi

First Half
Shrewsbury fashioned the first opportunity of the game as Ben Godfrey connected with a Shaun Whalley freekick, although Joe Hart gathered from the toe of James Bolton averting the potential danger.

West Ham were making the most of the challenges put in by Shrewsbury, but there was a break in play as Mat Sadler clashed heads with Andre Ayew. The knock on the head must have left him concussed as a few minutes later he burst forward from centre back, riding a few challenges, before unleashing a left footed shot across goal that Hart pushed away, fortunately to a teammate.

The next chance fell the way of Alex Rodman, who cut in from the left and drew a good save from Hart, all after some concerted pressure by Salop. Omar Beckles also had an effort at goal as he brought down a clearance and riffled a shot just over the bar.

Second Half
Early in the second half Mat Sadler had to disappear down the tunnel to get some further attention to the cut sustained from the clash in the first half. There was some additional medical attention required for Cullen as Abu Ogogo caught him in the mouth - he lost a tooth in the incident.

Obiang had West Ham's first shot, dancing through the Shrewsbury defence but he then dragged his shot well wide.

Jon Nolan was presented with an opportunity to take the lead, as Stefan Payne won a tackle on the byline and pulled the ball back to debutante Max Lowe. Lowe darted into the box and slipped a pass to Nolan, he unleashed a shot, but it was wild and over the bar.

Final Thoughts
In truth, the game is mostly to be remembered by the two incidents that left players bleeding. I had been concerned in recent weeks that West Ham were going to turn up looking to prove they had improved, but Shrewsbury kept them at arms length for the vast majority of the game.  Joe Hart was the more occupied goalkeeper, as Shrewsbury created the better opportunities and had the better of the match.

I was thoroughly disappointed by West Ham as they didn't look interested in the game and rarely threaten the Shrewsbury goal, but both sides will get another chance to progress at the London Stadium in the replay.

Man of the Match - Mat Sadler
In a game where the opposition had a number of international attackers, Mat Sadler dominated them to the point whereby they hardly had a shot. Alongside Toto Nsiala, Sadler marshalled the West Ham attack, winning tackles and headers throughout the game. Having sustained a head injury in the first half, I'm sure his bandaged head will become an iconic image in years to come.

My Sunday Photo - Shining Bright

Hopefully in 2018 I’ll find more opportunities to take some photographs to participate in #MySundayPhoto.  My Sunday Photo is run by Photalife to showcase your favourite photos you have taken in the past week.

This photograph was taken late last night (on 6/1/18). Part way through watching Baby Driver [2017], I glanced through to the kitchen and saw the moon low in the sky shining brightly, however when found my camera and raced outside the clouds had come across, covering the moon.  I took a couple of (poor) shots, before heading back inside.  Just as I settled back to watch the rest of the film, I saw the clouds had broken and I ran back outside. I wasn't dressed for the occasion, so I only took a few snaps, and this was the best of them.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to use My Sunday Photo to get back into photography and also track if I'm upping my game. Use the link below to find posts by others linked to the My Sunday Photo tag.

Film Night | Monsters University [2013]

“We’re OK! We’re OK! We’re OK! We’re OK! We’re OK!”


Having started to watch Monsters Inc [2001] over Christmas, I managed to persuade my 2yo to watch the prequel, Monsters University [2013].

Monsters University delves into the backstory of Mike Wazowski, a monster inspired to go to Monster University and become a scarer on a trip to Monsters Inc, and James P. 'Sully' Sullivan, who's family are famous scarers.  After starting university, the two meet after Sully breaks into Mike's room after stealing the team mascot from a rival university. The two are polar opposites when it comes to studying, Mike knows every text book inside out and can quote scarring theory off the top of his head, whereas Sully believes in natural ability. This leads to competition in the lecture room, the pair end up breaking the Dean's scream cylinder leading to them being kicked off their scare course. Mike then makes a deal with the Dean that if he and the rest of his Oozma Kappa can win the Scare Game (a kind of university Olympic games), they will be allowed back on the course. The film focuses on the trials and tribulations of trying to win the Scare Games.

As with all of the Pixar films, the animation is great with all the monsters having really nice detailing in either their scales or fur. Then there's the voice actors, most of which you'll recognise from the earlier film or from other Pixar films.  John Goodman's (Sully) voice lends itself well to a hulking scary monster, Billy Crystal is now synonymous as Mike and the Dean voiced by Helen Mirren is dominating and intimidating.

I liked the first film, but I love the second (this was about the fourth time I've seen it). I had a chat with my son after the film and he rated the film as ‘different good’ , which I guess is a positive, but probably won’t sell many copies of the film!

'Monsters University' [2013] - 4/5

Shrewsbury Town 1 - 0 Oldham Athletic | League One | 01/01/2018

Since the last home match, Shrewsbury Town had picked up 4 points from two difficult away games at Wigan Athletic and Southend United.  This run saw Shrewsbury return to the Montgomery Waters Meadow looking to complete the festive period by gaining 10 points from a possible 12.

Oldham started the game in 19th position, having had a small revival under former Shrewsbury player Ritchie Wellens. Upon looking at the team sheet, the return of Anthony Gerrard (who left under a cloud for Oldham) and Tope Obadeyi both of whom played for Shrewsbury since the move to the New Meadow stood out for me along with striker Craig Davies who started his youth career with Town before becoming a bit of a journeyman of Leagues One and Two.

Shrewsbury: Henderson; Bolton, Nsiala, Sadler, Beckles; B Morris (Godfrey 67), Whalley , Nolan, Ogogo, Gnahoua (John-Lewis 77); Payne (C Morris 84)
Subs: Riley, Godfrey, C Morris, John-Lewis, MacGillivray, Adams, Rodman

Oldham Athletic: Placide, Dummigan, Gerrard, Bryan, Hunt, Gardner, Fane (Green 85), Flynn (Holloway 61), Byrne, Obadeyi (Menig 77), Davies

Subs: Wilson, Holloway, Wilson, Menig, Nepomuceno, Green, Maouche

First Half
The first opportunity of the game came from Stefan Payne who forced Oldham goalkeeper Placide in to a good save from 20 yards after Mat Sadler slid the ball through to him from the half-way line.

A neat passage of play saw the impressive Byrne have a shot from 25 yards, but Dean Henderson stopped the initial shot and clutched the ball to his chest at the second attempt.

As Omar Beckles and Abu Ogogo lost possession just on the edge of the Oldham box the ball broke to Arthur Gnahoua, who dipped a shoulder to go past Gerrard and fizz a right footed shot at goal.  Although the goalkeeper blocked the shot the ball broke to Shaun Whalley who score passed the helpless goalkeeper.

Shrewsbury almost sneaked in a second as first Payne had a header pushed away by the keeper, but Ogogo couldn't quite beat Gerrard to the rebound.

Second Half
The second half saw Oldham improve dramatically, and they had the first chance to score as Gerrard flicked a header towards goal from a free kick, only for Henderson to stop the attempt on the goal line.

Shrewsbury's first attempt of the second half came from a Shaun Whalley corner which found it's way to Toto Nsiala whose side-footed shot flew inches over the crossbar.

Oldham were growing in confidence as Shrewsbury sat back on their lead and Byrne again came close to scoring as his bobbling shot almost tricked Henderson, who just scrambled the ball around his post for a corner.

Shortly afterwards the Oldham fans and players had a strong case for a penalty as Byrne played a quarterback style pass forwards to Davies who brought the ball down (possibly using his arm in my opinion) got bumped by Nsiala and he then fell to the floor. I've seen them given in other games.

Final Thoughts
After the first (and as it turned out only) goal of the game, I was thinking that if a second was scored quickly the game would turn into a rout and it could easily see another two or three goals after that. Shrewsbury were dominant and Oldham decidedly average.  However, despite a few forays forward in the second half, Oldham were the ones dictating play and even a shift in formation didn't see Shrewsbury recover their composure

The result did mean they finished the festive period unbeaten, close the gap to Wigan to two points and extend their lead over Blackburn Rovers in third to five points.  Next up sees West Ham United make their first trip to the Montgomery Waters Meadow in the FA Cup next Sunday, Blackpool in the EFL Trophy and a potentially season defining game against Blackburn the following Saturday, that could see the gap to third build to a massive eight points.

Man of the Match - Arthur Gnahoua & Dean Henderson
In a proper game of two halves, I've decided to split my MotM between Arthur Gnahoua and Dean Henderson.

Until the half time whistle, Gnahoua was really impressed me particularly as it was only his second start at this level.  It was his shot that resulted in the only goal of the game but he looked a threat whenever he ran at pace towards the defenders.  But in the second half he didn't look the same player, but Dean Henderson really stood out with several good saves to preserve his clean sheet.

2018 New Years Resolutions

...So last year i tried setting myself a number of New Year's resolutions and, being honest, I didn't do very well against them (you can read up on how many i achieved here) and i tried to do too many resolutions in one go. For this year I'm going to keep it simple by only having a couple of resolutions to keep to.

These are my five resolutions:
  1. Be more active in the blogging community - Each week I'll seek out a number (3) of Dad Bloggers to read their latest posts and leave them a comment. I'm also going to participate in at least one blog related Twitter Chat each month.
  2. Have a family day out each month - This resolution has a dual purpose, firstly it will be nice to go out a family to explore new places (or even revisit old ones) and secondly it should provide me with some great content to share with you.
  3. Take better care of myself - A resolution that most people will have if they want to shift a few pounds.  I'm going to try and be lighter at the end of the year than the start, but aim to lose a stone (measurable and achievable...?). Also, keep on top of things like having a shave and getting a haircut when I need them rather than making excuses not to get my arse in to gear.
  4. Post more regularly to my blog - probably the most relevant to this forum, I want to get back to posting more regularly on my blog about family things. A combination of things meant recently I haven't posted as regularly as I was in the first half of the year, so I'll aim to get at least one post out a week.
  5. Watch the top 10 movies listed on IMDBs top 250 movies list - People always looked shocked at the films I've not seen (The Godfather and Jaws to name but two), so I want to rectify that starting with the top ten according to IMDB and it's members.
I've also got three other things that I'm going to try and do in the upcoming year:
  • Give up drinking cola - Over Christmas I didn't feel very well and i attributed that to having drunk too much cola in the lead up to Christmas. For that reason, I'm 'giving up' cola for as long as I can. I would rather this was for lent, but needs must and I'll see how long I can stick it out.
  • Complete my Pokedex in Pokemon Go - I've enjoyed playing Pokemon Go since it's release and I made it my goal to complete my Pokedex. Generally I've kept up with the Pokemon that have been released, but there are still a few I'm missing so I'm going to continue trying to catch them all (to coin a phrase). NB - To complete the Pokedex, I'm not including Mewtwo (until I get an EX raid pass) and regional exclusives unless they migrate to accessible places to me as I don't currently have funds set aside to travel to catch Pokemon.
  • Be the best father I can - I'm so proud of how my 2yo is turning out, and with a little sister on the way, I want to be the best father I can - hence wanting to go for days out to treat them.  I've learnt a lot from my first child which I can hopefully take forward in the raising of my daughter when she arrives in April.
Five resolutions, plus three extras, for 2018 feel more achievable and I should be able to provide updates more easily than last year.  Honestly, I start out with good intentions but sometimes life gets in the way, so I'm intending to do a month review post (that's one of my posts per month sorted!).

Let me know in the comments below if you think I'll keep to my resolutions.