My Christmas Story 2017

As the 24th December is Nikki’s sisters birthday and we stay over at Nikki’s parents, Christmas for our family officially starts very late on Christmas Eve. We prepared a plate for Santa and his reindeer, with a mince pie, carrot and a cup of lemonade (we don’t want Santa drink driving!) before taking our son up to bed. We had a nice chat with our son about what Santa was up to and where in the world he was delivering presents using the NORAD website. After he settled down, we set about getting everything sorted for the morning and then I watched Elf [2003] for the first time. Although I was tired, I struggled to get to sleep, not helped by the fact that my shoulder was hurting and I had a strange pain in my chest - which I'm attributing to stress or drinking too much cola, so I'm now off cola for the time being.

Being a big kid, I was super excited for Christmas Day and ended up waking quite early, earlier than the other Christmas-lovers in the house. My son beckoned his mummy saying he was cold, when Nikki asked him what he was saying, he replied with “Santa had took my mussies (muslin cloths)”. Nikki went on to ask him if Santa had left him a present, but he kept on repeating that Santa took his mussies, it was only when Nikki turned the light on that he saw the present at the end of his bed!

To help keep my sons focus we said we’d have breakfast in bed, to allow him to get straight into opening any presents Santa may have left for him. We got dressed and made our way downstairs. My son spotted the pile of presents left by the tree straight away, making a beeline to inspect them. The first thing he said about them was that the largest present was for granddad as it was the biggest (queue plenty of awing by the adults in the room). We spent the next hour exchanging gifts with one another and watched my son tear into his gifts. We saved the largest present until last, a wooden kitchen, which my son loved. As the paper was torn away, my son clocked what it was and he shouted “A kitchen, that's what I asked for!”, it was another lovey moment in his short life.

At about 10:00 we headed to my parents to have breakfast (biscuits, of course) and give them their presents. But before long we were heading back to Nikki’s parents to have lunch and see her Nan.

We had held some presents back for my son... because he was so spoilt this year... so after lunch it was back to ripping off wrapping paper. After everyone was done, Nikki gave our son one last present, with a letter from Santa which said it was for daddy. It was a surprise, I’ll explain more in another post, but it’s suffice to say I didn’t like Nikki for a good while after opening the present.

Everything settled down and so we headed back to my parents for dinner. It was a nice chilled out meal as we watched The Highway Rat [2017] followed by Wallace & Gromit: Curse Of The Were-Rabbit [2005] - both of which my son loved.

After a lovely day, we headed home for my son to go to bed and us to chillax watching YouTube, preparing for Boxing Day.

We started Boxing Day by watching Frozen [2013] for the umpteenth time this Christmas (my son loves Olaf, so it definitely wasn't the first time in forever...🎵) before getting on the road to see some relatives in Rhos-on-Sea. Our sat nav took us on the scenic route across country before we ended up on a road I recognised. We spent a few hours with my relatives (sneaking a bacon and egg butty), and then we got back on the road home.

Being prepared for Christmas really helped my stress levels this year (even if I did forget to wrap three presents for Nikki!) and it allowed me to really enjoy my Christmas. Being a parent has seen a shift in what my expectations are from Christmas, from looking forward to exchanging gifts to, now, seeing my sons reaction to his presents from Santa. I hope everyone reading this had a great Christmas too!


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