2017 New Years Resolutions | End of Year Review

As we've reached the end of the year, it's time to look back on my 2017 New Years Resolutions, and I'm afraid it's not going to be pretty reading!

Blog Resolutions:
  • Outline what the Five Favourite Friday topic will be in post prior to that week - Up until the point that i changed the Five Favourite Friday posts to monthly, I'd been doing really well at including the upcoming topic in posts. So I'm going to claim a success on this resolution.
  • My Week That Was posts will be issued on a Sunday night - Looking back I think I did well getting my Week That Was posts out on time.  I did struggle when I was away not having time to pull together posts, so this was a bit of a mixed bag.
  • I will do a weekly review of the Free App Of The Week on the Apple AppStore - A big fat fail with this resolution, not helped by Apple changing how the AppStore worked half way through the year.
  • Refresh the design of my blog - I acheived this early in the year thanks to Nikki's help.
  • Be consistent sharing posts on social media - On my Facebook page and Twitter, I shared the majority of my blog posts but I wasn't as consistent in using Instagram, so I'll class this as another partial success.

Successes = 2
Partial = 2
Failures = 1

Gaming Resolutions:
  • Complete wave 50 of Horde on Gears Of War 4 - After about March, there were so few players playing Horde I gave up on this resolution quite early in the year.
  • Complete to 100% 4 Xbox games - Fail. I couldn't even manage get the one game i fully expected to reach 100% on. I'm hanging my head in shame as i type this out.
  • Try out the Games On Gold that I download - I wasn't committed to this resolution from day one, but I did have good intentions to at least try the games. I just didn't have the time to do this with everything else going on.
  • Complete all The Simpsons Tapped Out events - A success! Although there were times were it was close I did complete all the events.
  • Capture all the original Pokémon on Pokémon Go - Another resolution completed.  I thought I finally achieved this in October, and I've nearly caught all of the Gen 2 Pokemon available now too.
Successes = 2
Partial = 0
Failures = 3
Personal Resolutions:
  • Lose 21 pounds by the end of the year - Fail, although I didn't put any weight on so that's something i can celebrate!
  • Go out once a month with the intentions to do photography - Another fail. I just didn't find the time to get off my backside to take photos.
  • Attend some events - I attended the Good Food Summer Show and an NFL match with Nikki, while I also went to The Photography Show and another NFL match with my dad. While one event every quarter wasn't as many as I'd have liked to have attended, I really enjoyed each of them.
  • Take better care of myself - Mostly in 2017, I think I did, but going on holiday in September and in the run up to Christmas I could have done a bit more to look after myself.
  • Watch more TV - A bit of a success, as I watched more shows on Netflix and the occasional show as they were aired. However YouTube still formed the basis of our daily viewing schedule.
Successes = 2
Partial = 1
Failures = 2

So overall I'd say that I completed 6 out of 15 resolutions and been partially successful with another 3.  Whenever I'd considered how I was doing with my resolutions, I felt like i'd totally failed, so to be there or thereabouts for 9/15 feels good.

As we move into 2018, I've drawn up some new resolutions that are measurable in the anticipation that it will be more definitive as to whether I've been successful or not. You can read about them here.

Did you set yourself any resolutions? If so, let me know how you got on in the comments below.

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