Being Me #2 - Too Much Baggage!

This is one of those topics that I initially thought of when I was considering this series, and I hope that I don’t come across as horrible, in the end it’s for their own good...

I commute to and from the office by train, so I get to see all sorts of people. Most are traveling to work, college or school, but because the trains go through Shrewsbury (a hub for a number of Welsh lines) to Birmingham International, I also see a lot of people who are obviously going on their holidays. Some of these people haven’t considered the consequences of what they’re carrying.

When I see people struggling with their luggage I don’t offer to help.

I realise this might sound mean or selfish, but if people can’t manage at the beginning of their journey, how are they planning to deal with all their belongings when they get to where they are heading. In my eyes I’m letting them learn that they should only take what they can carry.

That’s that off my chest. What are your thoughts on people that can’t manage everything they carry with them? Would you help, or are you like me? Leave a comment below!

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