Baby Update - Trip to Hospital & Consultant Appointment

This is just a brief update on how things are going with Nikki and baby as I realise it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post on the subject.

I’ll start off with an apology to Nikki. A couple of weeks back (I think Week 16), Nikki was suffering with cramps and had a feeling something wasn’t right. Unfortunately, I was under the weather and had spent the morning asleep and when I woke up I was being asked if I was going to join Nikki or not. Not really being aware of my surroundings, I said I would stay at home with our son and look after him. What I hadn’t realised was that Nikki had been on to the phone to her midwife and she had been told to head to the MLU (Midwife Lead Unit) at Telford Hospital. I was being asked if I was going her! It was only as Nikki pulled away that I felt huge guilt creep over me as I didn’t know what was happening and I should have gone too to support her. Instead I stayed at home watching movies with my son, not really knowing what was wrong, if it was serious or not and unable to be influence proceedings. I kept in touch with Nikki whilst she was at the hospital, but I should have been there in person. Luckily, things were going ok and Baby was still safe, but the midwife wanted Nikki to stay there until they had heard Baby’s heartbeat. Although it took a while (about 2 hours), Baby’s heart was eventually found and everything turned out alright.

So Nikki, when you read this, please realise that I’m sorry for not coming with you. I pride myself on trying to be there for you at every step, but I feel I let you down on this occasion.

The week afterwards, Nikki had an appointment with the consultant to discuss how Baby was going to be delivered. As our son was delivered via caesarean but Nikki wanted/wants to try giving birth as naturally as possibly with child no. 2. I wasn’t sure why Nikki wanted me there, it was to be a backbone for Nikki, in case she get pressured into agreeing to a planned cesarean and to push for a natural birth if possible. After what felt like an eternity in the waiting room (in real time about 20 minutes), we were taken to see the consultant, who said it was ok for Nikki to try for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean). So no need for me to act menacing, Nikki was recommended what she wanted with no concerns from the consultant. The only thing she had to be aware of was that by giving birth naturally there was a risk that her scar may tear as a result of the pressure create by pushing (I’m picturing something from a horror movie!).

After these two events I’m glad to say everything is progressing well, even if Nikki is feeling under the weather at the moment. We’re off for our 20 week scan later this week, so I’m sure there’ll be another update before long. Until then...

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