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Would you like baby to be a boy or a girl?

Since we announced our pregnancy, this is the most common response, and I’ve been honest in my answer. If I were to choose, I’d love a little brother for our 2yo. But this is for exactly the same reasons that I wanted our first child to be a son. I think little boys are easier to deal with and are traditionally more tactile, more likely to bounce back (that’s what I hoped). Also being male, I felt it’d be easier for me to pass in knowledge from my experiences but I know Nikki wanted a girl for the same sort of reasons. But I appreciate that if we are to have a little girl, I’d be just as happy as she will offer different experiences to those with my son (pretty dresses for one as Nikki keeps telling me).

At the end of the day, so long as baby is safe and healthy, that’s the main thing and I’ll love them no matter what.

Gender Scan Time

Being the impatient sort of person she is, Nikki booked a gender scan to find out if we were going to be giving out 2 year old a little brother or sister. The scan was booked for 23rd October initially for early in the morning but it was moved to later in the day so we our family members could join us.

I was under strict warning that I wasn’t to be late arriving with the threat that Nikki would happily start the scan without me. So, like a good partner I arrived quarter of an hour before the scan and ahead of the rest of our party - I wasn’t going to miss this for the world. A few minutes later and everyone else pulled up in time for the 16:00 appointment.

Our 2 year old went to play whilst we sat and looked at the many baby name books on the table in the waiting area, as the expectant mother before us had difficulty getting baby to ‘show’ for them. Eventually it was our turn to be seen. With our 2 year old, my parents, Nikki’s parents and her sister there was quite a clan of us in the room.

The sonographer started the scan and immediately allayed my fears by saying she found the heartbeat. Within a minute or so, she said she had seen what she needed for the gender scan and she revealed we are going to have a little...


We are both ecstatic that we will have a little girl joining our tribe, due in April 2018.

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