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We’ll travel back a few months to mid July. Nikki was complaining about feeling ill and run down, despite resting up for a few days she still wasn’t feeling right. A couple more days passed and on 30th July, Nikki came down stairs and waved a pregnancy test under my nose. I had a quick look at it, saw a single line and realised I had no idea what this meant (I assumed it was a positive result but I genuinely didn’t know if it was good news or not). After a few seconds of confusion on my part Nikki confirmed that she was pregnant and we were going to have a little brother or sister to our 2 year old.

I think it was safe to say Nikki was excited by the news, me, I as always was a bit more muted at the news. It wasn’t that I wasn’t thrilled by the news, however my mind started to consider possible outcomes and it left me worried about what we were going to do. Thoughts about where baby would sleep, would we be able to reuse our sons older clothes, how will our son react! All scary thoughts.

Nikki continued to feel ill, but at least she had a reason for it. Fast forward a few weeks and Nikki made an appointment at the doctors to investigate some abdominal pains she was experiencing, they recommended that she have a early pregnancy scan to make sure that everything was going ok. She asked me to come along, and being a good daddy I obliged. At the scan we found that baby had a heart beat and everything was progressing well. We were also were told that there were signs of a second sac, and that it was likely a second pregnancy that hadn’t continued. In truth this was a shock, but at the same we both felt blessed to have one healthy child on the way, and that it was difficult to feel sad about something we didn’t know existed (of course it’s sad but...)

We had a second scan a fortnight later (at week 8 of the pregnancy) to check that everything was progressing well. I’m glad to say it was. We got to see baby again, which was fantastic. I was amazed to find out that baby had grown from 4mm (tiny!) to 20mm in just 2 weeks. 4 weeks later, at the 12 Week scan baby had grown to 55mm, another massive jump in length. In all honesty I had forgotten how amazing the journey baby progresses along is. As with our first, each time we’ve been for a scan I’ve been so relieved that everything has gone ok.

I think Nikki is finally getting over her morning sickness, but she has started to get migraines in their place. I’m saying that she is worrying too much about the things she can’t control, so if you’re reading this Nikki - Chill, concentrate on getting baby here safely and everything will fall into place.

Next week we’re due to go for a gender scan. Again, in the spirit of honesty, I’d like another little boy. From a practical point of view, we’ve got lots of baby boy clothes in our house and we know several people that have boys too so clothing shouldn’t be an issue and the boys could share a room for longer, all practical things... and Nikki would have two mummies boys. However if it’s a little girl, everyone will be able to buy ‘pretty’ things and spoil her and we’ll have the complete family. I don’t really care what the gender scan reveals so long as baby is still developing healthily.

I’ll be back next week with another update, probably revealing whether we’re having a boy or girl.

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  1. Congrats! I'm hoping I might get to enjoy this joy some day. (Though I fear I'm running out of time lol). That's sad about a possible second baby that didn't make it, but everything happens for a reason. I bet you're super pumped to find out the gender next week!