Being Me #1 | Memories Not Souvenirs

I’d thought I’d kick this series off with something that dawned on me whilst recently on holiday with my family.

It was as we walked around one of the many stores in Disneyland thinking about what we wanted to pick up to remember our trip by. It was there that I realised that, to me, memories are more important than trinkets from days out.

Although we did buy plenty of things from Disney, for our son mainly, but I decided that I only wanted to get some small things (a lanyard and pin badge or two), but the memories generated from our holiday will stay with me forever. I’m honest enough to admit that things weren’t perfect on our holiday, but actually that all probably contributed to the memories that we created. The longer than anticipated walk between landmarks in Paris, the backend of a storm hitting Disneyland and torrential weather on our journey south will all stay with me.

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