2017 New Years Resolutions | October Update

I've been meaning to do an update on my progress on my resolutions for a really long time (probably back to April, but 'life' got in the way), but I'm finally getting round to considering my 15 resolutions that I wanted to achieve in 2017.
Blog Resolutions:
  • Outline what the Five Favourite Friday topic will be in post prior to that week - To date I've done well with this one to date, but as I mentioned in my general update post a few days ago, I'm giving some consideration as to how frequently I'm going to be posting the Five Favourite Friday in future.
  • My Week That Was posts will be issued on a Sunday night - Again, generally I'm managed to stick to this, but 'life' has sometimes stopped me from getting the Posts published. If I'm honest, I could probably have done better with this resolution so far.
  • I will do a weekly review of the Free App Of The Week on the Apple AppStore - I had all kinds of good intentions at the start of the year, but I know I haven't really made much progress with publishing weekly reviews of these apps, I'd argue that the first one I didn't review was because I literally had nothing to say on the app, this then gave me a reason not to do future ones. With the rollout of iOS11, there has been a change to the Appstore meaning that they are doing free app a day and I know I'm not currently disciplined enough to review them all and maintain quality.  I'll give some thought as to how I can bring this resolution back on track.
  • Refresh the design of my blog - Done! Glad I could actually say I've accomplished one of my resolutions. Thanks to Nikki, I've updated the design template, and made some other small adjustments that mean I can say I've done it.
  • Be consistent sharing posts on social media - Another resolution that I've been a bit slack on. I will improve - honest.
Gaming Resolutions:
  • Complete wave 50 of Horde on Gears Of War 4 - I did give this a good go at the start of the year, but I noticed that the number of people playing Horde online dropped significantly and it was difficult trying to keep a team together beyond wave 20. If I'm honest, I don't think I'll achieve this resolution this year.
  • Complete to 100% 4 Xbox games - I have made some progress towards this resolution, even if a couple of games that I wanted to 100% have added new achievements to them. I've decided that I plan to complete Terraria (98%), Minecraft (98%), Lego Marvel Avengers (96%) & Lego Marvel Superheroes (60%) and I still think that it's achievable by the end of the year. 
  • Try out the Games On Gold that I download - I made a good start with this but I haven't been able to fit much of this in recently. There are four months left and I intend to try the games that come out when they're available.
  • Complete all The Simpsons Tapped Out events - This is another resolution that I've done well with. There have been 13 events completed with another one in progress, and for the vast majority of them I've unlocked all of the rewards available as part of them.
  • Capture all the original Pokémon on Pokémon Go - I decided to tweak this resolution to be capture all the first generation Pokémon available to me in Pokémon Go. In recent weeks this is a resolution that I have been confident that it will be completed. I started the year with 90 of the available 151, (although 8 weren't available at this point) and after the recent events, with the legendaries being available to battle and one of the regional Pokémon coming to major European cities I'm now only one away from completing this resolution. Only Hitmonlee to go, then I'll be left with Tauorus, Farfetch'd, Mewtoo, and possibly Mew to complete Gen 1.
Personal Resolutions:
  • Lose 21 pounds by the end of the year - I was getting my weight down, but a number of factors impacted my ability to try and shift some my excess pounds, mainly moving office and not really having access to cheap healthy food.
  • Go out once a month with the intentions to do photography - I've not been out as much as I'd like, both to take photographs or otherwise, but I have enjoyed going out with my new camera to explore all the different settings on it.
  • Attend some events - Again, I've been to a number of events, The Photography Show, The Shropshire Kids Festival and The Good Food Show/Gardens World Live, the NFL match between the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars but there are still more that I want to attend, in particular ComicCon.
  • Take better care of myself - On the whole, I'd say I have, but in recent weeks, perhaps I haven't, in part due to trying to time things right for our upcoming holiday. At the time of writing this, I need a haircut, but want to get it done before we leave next Friday, after that I should be good to continue with this resolution.
  • Watch more TV - I'm glad to say that I'm making progress on this resolution. I've watch much more TV, and I've really enjoyed catching up on 'Death In Paradise' and a few other programmes, mainly as a result of not playing on my console as much.
In truth, it looks like I'm going to miss a number of these resolutions, but I will achieve some of them which I should be proud of. Perhaps I've set myself too many targets this year, but I'll live and learn for next time!

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