Le Grand Voyage 2017 | Day Two - Exploring our surroundings

With the journey down being a bit more eventful that we had anticipated, we agreed that we wouldn't venture too far away from our caravan. One of the main reasons for this was because our son had obviously frustrated at not being able to do much, being strapped into a car for most of the day.

Something I hadn't realised was that right outside our caravan was a large fishing pool, this gave us a stunning view to wake to - see the title photo.

We headed to the onsite bakery and shop to grab some breakfast and essentials, we took a family walk around the campsite to acquaint ourselves. We made our way along the muddy side of the pool, passed a number of fishermen, up to a bar which is next to a man made beach. Next to this is a play area and multipurpose sports arena. We continued round the beach and round the second of three fishing pools, before heading back on ourselves and making our way back to the caravan. 

After my sons nap, he wanted to take Nikki to the shops in the afternoon to show her around, having been there with me in the morning. We also popped into a second onsite shop selling souvenirs and recreational stuff, our typical resort shop. My little boy got restless again a bit later on so I took him to the sports arena to play some football.

In the evening we treated ourselves to a takeaway from Berny Burgers. Nikki and I shared pizza and chips, whilst my little boy had a infants meal. His meal consisted of 5 small fish fingers, chips, a hard lolly and a soft American football. With an anticipated long day in Paris coming up, we retired for the night shortly afterwards.

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