Le Grand Voyage 2017 | Day Six - Return to Disneyland

After relaxing for a day, it was time to return to Disneyland for our second day. As we’d spent one day in Disneyland Park, we had considered going to Disneyland Studios for our second day, but looking at the attractions, we felt there might be limitations as to what we could take our 2 year old son on and (I think) visiting the park was for him.

Instead of driving to Disneyland as we had done previously, we joined a coach trip from our campsite. We were advised the coach left at 07:50, and sure enough we left bang-on 07:50 and took the same route that we had done two days previously (yay - we took a standard route!). The biggest difference was that because we’d left a bit earlier we got caught in traffic on the dual carriageways, however we still arrived before the parks fully opened.

We got dropped off in the same car park so we knew where to head to, but as we approached the security checks we detoured into Disney Village to check out the World Of Disney, a large store selling everything Disney. We spent a while in there, this allowed the initial surge of visitors to get into the park and we could sail straight into the park.

Our first stop was to join a queue to get an autograph and some photographs with Minnie Mouse. An hour and a half of waiting and we finally got to meet her. The weather had started to turn and the heavens broke meaning I had a strange look on my face as I got caught between umbrellas and the rain trickled down my back!

We sought sanctuary from the rain under a nearby arcade. At the other end stood Donald Duck so I joined the queue whilst Nikki took our son to get some lunch. However, as I joined the umbrellas were taken down and Donald was escorted indoors. The Cast Members (park staff) came round to explain the situation, there had been a weather warning of winds meaning all the outdoor characters were taken in until it passed (that’s for another post). I waited for a while until Nikki and my son returned, we decided to head to Mickey Mouse who was situated in a theatre, aka inside!

We headed through Adventureland towards the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride and we soon were on the ride. For some reason, my son didn’t like the ride second time round and thought it was too loud.

Despite the weather and the fact Mickey was indoors, the queue to see him wasn’t too long. Again, my son love watching the old Mickey Mouse episodes whilst we waited, almost to the point we had difficulty leaving that part of the queue. There was someone else ahead of us when we entered the room, and my son had a cute moment peaking around the corner to spy Mickey. When it was time to see Mickey, we remembered to get a family photo with him!

We grabbed a FastPass for the Peter Pan’s Flight and then headed to It’s A Small World, staying on the ride for three loops. To recover from that, we went to La Maison Du Marionette for a drink and try to dry off. It was soon time to head back to Peter Pan’s Flight, this takes you on a journey through the story Peter Pan. It was fun, but I did find it a bit jerky and a bit too quick to take everything in.

From there we joined a queue for the Pinocchio Story, and although it was probably the longest queue for a ride we experienced, we were soon on the ride. Like Peter Pan’s Flight, this tells the story of Pinocchio, but again I felt the ride had been sped up to get visitors on to it as quickly as possible. All the same, it was fun, if a little creepy.

We took another walk through the park towards the Discoveryland and the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. My little boy joined me in the cart and I helped him shoot on the first lap, the second lap he was in control of the cart, spinning us around and on the third and final trip he did a bit of both - yes we did three consecutive laps on the ride, what can I say, my son loves it.

When we finally dragged him away (almost literally), we dived into the café Hyperion, a Star Wars themed café. In there I FaceTime’d my parents to tell them about our day and grab some dinner. From there we walked around the last little bit of Discoveryland that we hadn’t seen, before making our way back into Main Street USA and eventually World Of Disney to part with some more money.

With plenty of time to spare, we explored Disney village which consists of various restaurants and stores (including a Lego Store, always useful to know). As time ticked on it was soon time to return to our coach and head back to our campsite.

I’m going to do a separate post soon with my thoughts on the park and in particular a couple of points that I think need to be addressed. But that’s for another day.

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