Au Revoir for now

It feels like it's come round so quickly, but today we are heading off on our first family holiday as we depart Britain for a week and head to La Croix du Vieux Pont Campsite, just over an hour north of the French capital, Paris.

We decided earlier in the year that we should try and get away on our own having tagged along on my parents summer holidays for the last few years. After pawing over different potential destinations and options, we finally came back to one of my earliest suggestions, which was to drive to France and stay at a Eurocamp site. I'd been on these kinds of holidays with my parents when I was growing up so it seems natural, that I take a similar path now I've got a family of my own.

In making our decision, it took probably my biggest concern out of the equation - how to travel with a two year-old abroad. Although lots of people said we'd be fine flying further afield, the same nagging though kept cropping up, how can we travel without a car seat for my little boy? As we are going to be driving ourselves, we will be in control of how we get about once we arrive at our destination.

All being well we are planning to spend two days in Disneyland Paris, as well as heading into central Paris to do the tourist thing by seeing all the famous landmarks. The Eiffel Tower, L'Arc De Triumph and the Louvre all feature highly on our places to visit when we get in to the city centre, but I also want to take in the architecture and appreciate that. It was crazy that one of the first things that we agreed on to do on holiday was to drive back via Belgium just to say we've visited another country.

It's only as I'm typing this out that I'm realising just how unprepared for this trip I really am! Although we've got the crossing and accommodation sorted and got lots planned to fit in to our six full days away, I've put very little consideration into how we're going to do everything (eek!). Anyway, so long as things go well I do plan to blog whilst we're away and I may turn my hand to producing a vlog/video of our journey.

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