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🎵 Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Broken Thoughts, Happy Birthday to you! 🎵

On Saturday, my blog celebrated it's first birthday, so it feels appropriate to have a review and have a bit of a retrospective on publishing over the last year.
When I started my blog, I wanted to be able to use it to get my thoughts down and get an insight into what makes me tick.  I'll admit that I've struggled sometimes with this, I have (generally) kept to publishing my weekly 'The Last Week' roundups and the 'Five Favourite Friday' posts.  Although in recent weeks I have struggled to keep up with my 'The Last Week' posts* and also come up with ideas for the 'Five Favourite Friday' posts.  I've also felt that some of my posts have been a bit repetitive, so I'm going to give some thought to mixing it up a bit and not constricting myself to certain aspects of my blog.  My initial thoughts will be to move the 'Five Favourite Friday' posts to once a month, with ad-hoc specials thrown in and do a round-up of highlights each week.
Looking back, I thought I'd be doing more war-gaming and doing some posts about games / starting a new army, but a lot has gone on with life and I haven't had much opportunity to play many games and I haven't bought anything new for over a year. Perhaps in the future I'll be get round to doing this.  There have also been a number of series that I wanted to start but haven't managed to keep up, which I've felt was a shame.

Looking forwards, in the future, I want to focus on publishing more reviews of events that I go to (I've found myself putting these on the backburner in favour of other posts and then they don't feel relevant so don't post them), films I watch and days out with my family.

Having just glanced at my most popular posts, I find it interesting that the majority have come from some of my most recent post which is hugely encouraging for me (perhaps my niche is Pokémon Go & Shrewsbury Town, who would have thought!).

I want to end this post on a high, and because I love statistics, I've had 14,234 page views in just over a year, which I find amazing. I want to say thank you to anyone that's read any of my posts over the last year, here's to the future! 
*This all came about by not having a picture for the first week and falling a bit behind and it snowballed from there.

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