Five Favourite Friday... New Meadow Memories (So Far)

Tomorrow sees the start of Shrewsbury Town's tenth season at their Oteley Road Stadium and it feels like the right time to reveal my five favourite New Meadow Memories (so far). The stadium has gone through a number of names, and is currently known as the Montgomery Waters Meadow from the start of the 2017/18 season. But no matter the name, there have been a number of ups and downs for the club as a whole. On with my five favourite moments:

1) Shrewsbury Town 1 - 2 Chelsea League Cup Round 4 (28 October 2014)
Even though the game ended in defeat, it was for me one of the proudest moments in the clubs history. Doing well in League 2 at the time, the team pushed Chelsea all the way in a narrow 1-2 defeat. Due to the demand for tickets, additional temporary seating was installed and a new record attendance was set, higher than the standard capacity.

2) New Meadow hosting Concerts
Looking away from the football side of things, the stadium has hosted two concerts for internationally renowned artists, Elton John and Rod Steward. As I worked as a steward for both concerts, I didn't get to see the whole set, but from what I did see they were great performances and gave me memories that will stay with me.

3) Shrewsbury Town 3 - 1 Swansea City League Cup Round 2 (23 August 2011)
I remember this as being our best performance at the New Meadow, beating premier league opponents comprehensively. Despite going behind to an own goal, Shrewsbury commanded the game and really didn't need their final goal, a free kick from Nicky Wroe in the last minute to wrap up the game.

4) Shrewsbury Town 4 - 0 Macclesfield Town League 2 (09 August 2008)
I didn't want to fill this list with goals, so I limited myself to one and it's Shane Cansdell-Sherriff goal from nothing against Macclesfield. Having watched the highlights recently, I've seen that his shot hit the crossbar, came back and hit the goalkeeper on the back and went in, but it's probably the most memorable goal I've seen at the New Meadow.

5) Shrewsbury Town 1 - 0 Dagenham & Redbridge League 2 (28 April 2012)
One of the best atmospheres that the new meadow has experience at the stadium held its first promotion party. The return of Salop legend Graham Turner saw the club finish second in League 2. The fans were amazing and at the end of the game they spilt on to the pitch as the celebrations began. Players appeared from the souvenir suite to rapturous cheering and applause.

There have also been some (read quite a few) forgettable moments, but my favourite that ended well was an own goal by Neil Ashton, lobbing his own goalkeeper in the playoff semifinal against Bury in 2009, handing them the upper hand. However a strong second leg result meant Shrewsbury proceeded to the final!

If you're a Shrewsbury Town fan, feel free to leave a comment below to let me know your favourite New Meadow memories. Nikki has given this Five Favourite Friday post a miss, but next week she'll be back as we consider our favourite Dinosaurs. Until then.


  1. No desire to be picky, but the Dagenham and Redbridge score was 1-0, I'm sure.

    1. Thanks, picked up the wrong result. Updated now :)