Five Favourite Friday... Dinosaurs

At the moment, my little boy is obsessed with dinosaurs and one of his favourite shows to watch on Cbeebies is 'Andy's Prehistoric Adventures'. Coupled with the fact someone on TV said about their son's favourite dinosaurs when I was doing my last Five Favourite Friday post about New Meadow Memories, meant we had to go for Dinosaurs this week!
1) Tyrannosaurus Rex - the king of the dinosaurs (despite the tiny arms). Big, strong and powerful, just like me...(Ahem!)
2) Stegosaurus - A large armoured dinosaur with large plates that protruded from it's back to protect it from predators.
3) Triceratops - I've always had an affinity to the number 3, so the triceratops has always been a favourite of mine. Although large and slow, it was always a threat to predators.

4) Dilophosaurus - Known to me from the Jurrasic Park films as the dinosaur that fans out it's neck and spits at Nedry.

5) Plesiosaurus - A long-necked dinosaur that roamed the oceans, propelling itself through the water using it's four paddle-like limbs.

You can find Nikki's favourite Dinosaurs on her blog here.  Next week, my blog celebrates it's first birthday (where has the time gone!), so we're going to look at our favourite Five Favourite Friday posts! Until then...

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