The Last Week (26/06/2017)

Monday - I had a really quick turn around when picking up my football kit because my train was delayed by nearly 20 minutes, which is normally the time I spend with my son at home. I'll be honest and say that I was quite frustrated at football, I know my limits, but I do try and defend and get back as quickly as I can. However, as a team we didn't defend well at all and offered very little protection to whoever was in goal. I did score a goal and I
thought my passing was ok, but I still came away feeling disappointed. When I returned home we put our son to bed and then caught up on the new series of 'The Crystal Maze', casting Richard Ayoade as the host was a stroke of genius as he was a perfect fit for leading the contestants round the maze.

Tuesday - I had worked everything out to make sure I could get back to Shrewsbury, to allow me to go to my first match of the 2017/18 season. However I hadn't planned on my train being cancelled, not that it hugely impacted my evening. I met up with my dad to go on one of our traditional trips out to Oswestry to watch TNS in their first game of the Champions League qualifiers against Europa FC from Gibraltar. Although they lost 1-2, there wasn't much between the two side and anything could happen in the second leg next week.

Wednesday - Other than spending some lovely time with my son building nursery rhyme puzzles and watching an episode of 'Jonathan Creek', not much to report from the day.

Thursday - Nothing much to report.

Friday - Nothing much to report.

Saturday - We started the day by spending several hours in the garden, beginning to tidy it after too long being neglected. It was really nice to see Nikki, my son and my mum all working to clear weeds along our fence. We then spent the afternoon with my parents in their garden enjoying the sunshine before sharing a Chinese meal with them.

Sunday - After a morning trying to get our son to take a nap, we headed round to some friends to have a catch-up and barbecue. Our friends had setup their paddling pool and trampoline in the back garden, and my son loved using both (so much so when we sort our garden out we might look at getting a trampoline).

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