The Last Week (10/07/2017)

Monday - I was still suffering with the virus I'd picked up in the previous week, so I decided to follow the doctors advice and take plenty of rest to try to recover fully. As a result I spent all day asleep, so there's not much that I can say about the day. Despite sleeping all day I still managed to get a full nights sleep too!

Tuesday - Again, still feeling ill, I took the day off and slept in the morning. I woke shortly after lunch, so I spent the afternoon watching Wimbledon.

Wednesday - I spent the morning watching random YouTube videos and then slept in the afternoon (variety is the spice of life after all!).

Thursday - As with Tuesday, it was a case of sleeping and watching Wimbledon in slightly different ratios.

Friday - Like the rest of the week, it was a case of sleeping, watching Wimbledon and watching Watch Mojo videos on YouTube.

Saturday - I was feeling much better as the week had progressed, so I decided to go to the first home pre-season game at the newly renamed Montgomery Waters Meadow against Championship side Aston Villa. Shrewsbury won the game 2-1 which can only be good for confidence of the team.

Sunday - We left the house quite early as for some reason Nikki had decided that we were going to feed the ducks. Although I still don't know what spurred us in to going, I'm glad we did as I got to see my sons throwing arm in action. We must have spent an hour by the riverside before heading home for my sons nap. In the afternoon we went out to Telford to do some shopping, before returning to play with a Thomas the Tank Engine Trackmaster set with my son. I'm sure he was deliberately derailing the trains, but we had fun so that's all the really mattered.

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