The Last Week (03/07/2017)

Monday - I had started to feel ill over the weekend, with a sore throat, so I decided to work from home to allow me to attend a doctors appointment in the afternoon. Thankfully, the doctor wasn't worried about my throat and recommended plenty of water and rest.

Tuesday - Still not feeling well, I again decided to work from home and do the minimum required of me in the knowledge it would be hugely beneficial to be in the office the next day.

Wednesday - Back to the office, it felt weird and I soon realised that I probably shouldn't have gone in. But I continued through the day.

Thursday - Despite not feeling great and questioning whether I should go or not, I attended Civil Service Live at the NEC in Birmingham. I didn't get back until 18:30, so I didn't get to spend much time with my son.

Friday - Another day working from home, trying to deal with the bug that had been affecting me all week. I ended up doing a lot more than I anticipated so didn't get chance to recover. In the evening we started catching up on some tv while we chilled out.

Saturday - An early start as we needed to get photographs sorted for our passports, in anticipation for our holiday later in the year, and also pick out some new glasses (I'd put off doing his for a number of months already - why is it we put these things off?). In the afternoon, we set about tidying our bedroom and sorting our clothes.

Sunday - We spent a bit more time in the bedroom sorting clothes, then we took a trip to Nando's for our lunch. It was the first time our son had been taken there and he wasn't impressed, thankfully me and Nikki enjoyed our meals. As Nikki's parents had returned from Holiday we went round to see them and make sure they were OK.

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