Pokemon Go | Big Heritage event | Chester (22-23 July 2017)

About three weeks ago I spotted an announcement on Twitter from Pokémon Go revealing that as part of the first anniversary celebrations Europe would be getting a number of Safari Zones. I made a beeline to the locations and dates on the website only to find that they are being held on the mainland continent and not in the UK (worse still that there is an event in Paris the day after we return home!). It was only as I read the details that my mood started to improve.
Niantic (The Pokémon Company) had teamed up with a company in the UK promoting an event due to be held in Chester, about 45 miles from Shrewsbury. This event is the Big Heritage Festival. For obvious reasons this piqued my interest, especially as they had also announce Pokémon Go Fest, a big event in Chicago. I was excited, was this going to be the UK equivalent? As time passed by it has become apparent that this event is about encouraging Pokémon Go players to explore the historic city that is Chester, rather than giving players new / better Pokémon to catch, as is anticipated in Chicago.

As we approached the event starting, further information has been published to say that players will be able to pick up a Pokémon Go PassPort, a Pokémon Go Trial Map, access Chester Castle for the first time in 20 years and even suggest a historic landmark. Also, it has been revealed that if certain objectives are met at Pokémon Go Fest the Legendary will appear and if the trainers there can beat them, they will appear in Raid battles across the world - so fingers crossed.
What am I looking to get from the event? I'm looking to get as close as possible to completing my New Years Resolution of catching all the available first generation Pokémon. Looking at the Pokémon Go Pokédex, I only need to catch 8 more to catch 'em all. They are:
  • Venusaur (40/100)
  • Sandslash (23/50)
  • Alakazam (95/100)
  • Machamp (49/100)
  • Dodrio (3/50) + another Doduo to evolve
  • Hitmonlee
  • Chansey
  • Tangela
I doubt that I'll get to catch any of the region exclusives (unless we're really lucky), but here's hoping.

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