The Last Week (29/05/2017)

Monday - What started out as a day with a lot of good intentions soon got away from us and we ended up havning a lazy day at home, recovering from the previous weekend (we had two birthday celebrations to contend with).

Tuesday - I started a new role at work, and joined a meeting that overran, meaning I missed my train home. Coupled with Nikki taking our son to nursery before I'd really woken up meant I didn't get to spend much time with my son. Fortunately, Nikki said she'd bring little man to collect me from work so I got an extra half an hour with him that I'd have otherwise missed. Better still for me, he was in a happy mood so his bedtime routine went really well. We also decided to try him without his bed guard for the first time. We put two folded quilts under the side of the bed and, despite a couple of falls out of bed, it was a resounding success!

Wednesday - Nothing to report.

Thursday - Nothing to report.

Friday - An early start for us as we had secured tickets for a celebration of Williams Racing's 40th anniversary event at the Silverstone circuit. We spent several hours there and you can read all about our experiences here. When we returned home we went out for a meal with my parents. Although the food was what we were expecting, unfortunately the service wasn't prompt as we would have liked which meant we got back later than anticipated. After spending the early part of the night with Nikki, I went to stay overnight with my parents as I was giving them a lift to the airport early the next morning.

Saturday - An early start, leaving the house to take my parents to Birmingham airport at 05:00 - far too early for me! I got back home just after 07:30, after grabbing some breakfast for the family en route. I had a slew to catch up on my lost hours whilst my son had his morning nap. We spent the afternoon watching, first watching a good chunk of 'Ratatouille' (2007), followed by 'Cars' (2006) at my sons request and finishing our session with 'Chicken Run' (2000). As the evening wore on, we watched YouTube until going to bed.

Sunday - Not the start I wanted as my little boy woke at 05:50 and had no intentions of going back to sleep! We visited Nikki's parents for lunch and spent the afternoon with them.

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