The Last Week (12/06/2017)

Monday - As with last week, I was able to take a car to work, so I stayed there until football started. However in totally contrast to the previous week I was terrible, there was no sugar coating it! Mind you I think everyone on our team had an off week as we got trounced. To be honest I was quite glad when it was over even if I didn't get a goal that I always aim for. To compound things, someone brushed passed me and my Fitbit strap broke.

Tuesday - Nothing to report.
Wednesday - Nothing to report.

Thursday - Nothing to report.

Friday - I spent the day working from home so I could look after my little boy in the afternoon. We wanted to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine, so after a brief detour passed the recycling centre we visited Attingham Park for a walk and let my son have a play on the field. It was such a relaxing walk and my little man had run of the playground as there were only two other families in there when we arrived.

Saturday - My parents returned from their holiday / my cousins wedding and I'd offered to pick up them up from the airport, so another early start (earlier than I anticipated as their flight arrived early. It was great to see them back safely. Amazingly having dropped my parents back at home, I return to literally the same place just a couple couple of miles away as I took Nikki and our son to the Good Food Show & Gardens World Live at the NEC. I was glad to get back at a sensible time as I was shattered after a long day away from home.

Sunday - For Father's Day we took my parents to Aberdovey beach to have a nice relaxing day and enjoy the sun. Stupidly I didn't put any sun cream on and I burnt myself in places I didn't realise I could burn. Thankfully the traffic was kind and we made good time coming home. As we'd taken a picnic for the beach, we stopped for fish & chips because You can't go to the seaside without having fish & chips! After dinner we popped to see Nikki's parents to drop a card and present round to her dad.

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