The Last Week (23/05/2017)

Monday - Back in to the swing of things by getting back home to see Nikki and my little boy before grabbing my kit and heading out to Telford to play Five-a-side. After missing a number of weeks due to bank holidays and illness, I'm going to blame my recent absences for how I played as I wasn't at my best, far from it. I've been happier with my defending recently, with blocked shots and passes being more effective, but offensively i was poor, shots were weak and off target, passing not much better. That said I did get my goal that I set out to get, I caught the goalkeeper out with a long shot that I don't think he was expecting.
After settling down for the night I saw a Facebook post from The Ladbible which reported an explosion at a concert in Manchester. I check other more credible sources, but no-one was reporting anything. Regrettably I woke the next morning to have the story confirmed, that a suicide bomber had targeted people leaving an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena killing 22 and injuring 59 (at the time of writing). It goes without saying that my thoughts are with those who have been affected by this act. The human race never ceases to amaze me at both ends of the spectrum. At one end, there is someone out there who thinks they are justified to try and disrupt the lives of numerous people and, at the other end, how the majority pull together to support one another in times of need.
Tuesday - We went to the newly opened Dominos outlet in Shrewsbury to sample their wares, and they gave my little boy a helium filled balloon (you can probably guess where this is going!). Despite Nikki telling him she would hold on to it, he was insistent that he was going to carry the balloon into the house. Next thing I know, I see the string sail past the car window, cue his bottom lip starting to tremble, as the balloon rose, the tears started. Bless, his first real separation, he obviously had something special with the balloon even if the relationship only last 10 minutes. Fortunately a few distractions and the offer of pizza managed to bring the matter to a close.
Wednesday - Having watched 'The Trial: A Murder In The Family' on Channel 4, we got to the penultimate episode were the jury were sent to deliberate if a man accused of killing his wife was guilty or not. We, Nikki & I have come to the conclusion that we have reasonable doubt about it, therefore he is not guilty. Tomorrow's episode will hopefully confirm our thoughts.
It felt as if someone turned up the thermostat up as summer kicked in and the temperature soared. It was difficult for me and Nikki to settle, I can't imagine how hard it was for my son!
Thursday - Nothing to report.
Friday - Our car went in for it's MOT, and I'm happy to report that it passed without needing any work doing. As a result of the car being in the garage, I had to pick Nikki up from work and it was the first time I'd experienced the effects of all the local roadworks being undertaken. The 'improvements' coupled with an incident on the bypass and it being the start of a bank holiday weekend meant the traffics was even worse than normal. We grabbed some chips to share with my parents for tea, after we had finished my son got everyone involved in playing with his toys for far too long (as is becoming the norm at the moment).
Saturday - After our little man's nap we headed into town so I could get my hair cut and attend an Elmer event at Button & Bear. We had a great time, a post on which will be coming soon. Having finished in town, we went to Nikki's parents to have dinner and watch the FA Cup final between Arsenal and Chelsea.
Sunday - We spent the day in Telford, going ice skating with our friends and their children as part of a joint birthday treat, although the children generally had a great time, I left feeling disappointed. Afterwards we when to Four Corners, a buffet style restaurant next door, whilst the food was ok, the service left a lot to be desired. It was due to be our friends little boy's birthday on the bank holiday Monday, so he was allowed to open our presents and he seemed very impressed by the Ironman costume and Mr Potato Head (Tony Starch) that we got him.

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