Five Favourite Friday... Tips For Good Mental Health

The Mental Health Foundation has hosted Mental Health Awareness Week (8-14 May) in the second week of May since 2000, this years theme is ‘surviving to thriving’. And this week we're dedicating our Five Favourite Friday post to this cause. We are going to look at our favourite tips to have good mental health.

1) Exercise
I find that playing football each week allows me to escape everything that's going on in my life and let's me concentrate on only one thing, playing well. Even if it's a short distraction from any issues, getting some time away from it all really helps me.

2) Get outdoors
I find fresh air to be very invigorating, which helps me distance myself from issues in my day to day life.

3) Listen to music
I would prescribe any particular genre, sometimes thrash metal can be as cleansing as classical, what ever your mood just go with it (but perhaps avoid downbeat music).

4) Talk to someone
Not everyone can help, but if you can find someone that understands you and can help then make the most of them.

5) Bake bread
Get rid of any pent up aggression by kneading bread by hand. Not only do you feel a bit more relaxed after the kneading, but you should have some scrummy bread to eat at the end of it!

I know that mental health is a serious issue for a lot of people and some of my favourite ways to maintain good mental health won't work for everyone, so if you have any tips, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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