Elmer Day @ Button & Bear

On Saturday afternoon we took our little boy to attend an event at the Button & Bear children's cafe in Shrewsbury. They were hosting an event to celebrate Elmer day, with a reading of 'Elmer & The Butterfly'. In the event you don't know who Elmer is, he's a multi-coloured patchwork elephant created by David McKee.

We arrived with plenty of time for the event so we grabbed a drink and slice of cake whilst we waited, my son darted into the play area until we were invited downstairs - the basement has been turned into a an underground forest playroom.

To start the event all the children sat in a circle to sing some songs to welcome everyone to the event. The lady hosting then read through 'Elmer & The Butterfly', engaging the children on most pages with questions about the story. When the story finished, the children were invited to do some crafts related to the book, making butterflies out of tissue paper and painting their own patchwork elephant using sponges. My son really enjoyed these activities spending more time on both than most of the other children. Once they had finished the activities, the children were free to play in the room which includes a log house and ball pit. Finally, the children were called back to the middle of the room to practice sign language related to the story and sing some song to say goodbye.

As a final activity, the children were asked to find pictures of 6 animals dotted around the cafe, with a reward of some mini marshmallows if they could find them all.

My 2 year old son loved the session, happy to participate in everything that went on in a well run event. I understand they do these kind of things quite regularly but don't normally fall at the weekend when I can get to them with my son. So I'll keep an eye out for future events on their Facebook page and I'd reccomend you do the same!

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