Burning Money At Hospitals

This is not what you're expecting from the title...

It's a nice day, the suns out warming the waiting room of the hospital through the light hatch in the ceiling but a cool wind is blowing outside. Sensibly, a window is open to allow a breeze into the room, then a familiar smell comes across my nostrils. Not bleach, nor medicine but one that I don't think should be allowed anywhere near a hospital. The smell is tobacco. Someone from the waiting room has gone out for a cigarette (possibly a cigar or a pipe, but I doubt it) and stood just outside the door and lit up near the window.

I don't understand why people would want to burn money, quite literally in this case. Whilst I have had times in my life when I've felt quite flush, I've never had the urge to buy something just to burn it. I don't begrudge be people smoking, the health risks are well documented and highlighted to everyone, it's their  choice.

In my early twenties I would go out with my mates to a certain pub in Shrewsbury, definitely not somewhere that you'd find the hip youths, not a trendy wine bar and it'd never be turned into a pub restaurant. It truth it was a bit of an old man's pub, but it served it's purpose as a convenient place for us to go to. I digress, the reason for this ramble is that this all happened pre-'smoking ban' so there was a distinct smell in the pubs. As part of going into pubs, you expected the smell and it formed part of the experience of going there. It was not only accepted in that environment, but expected, unlike at a hospital.

I find a couple of things funny with hospitals, why health professionals smoke and why patients that are clearly struggling go out for a smoke?! I'd like to know why hospitals don't ban smoking on there premises?

Anyway that's enough frustration for now.

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