iPhone Frustrations

I'm beginning to get a bit frustrated with my iPhone and in a way I hope I'm the only person that this is happening to.  Over the last couple of weeks my phone has had an issue with seemingly removing all the photos from my camera roll, only to restore them over a number of minutes / hours.

The first time this happened to me I was distraught, I was left thinking where have all my pictures gone! Then slowly they started to reappear, the oldest pictures first before others followed until they had all been restored after a short while.  It's now happened a number of times, and it's starting to grate on me. I have difficulty backing up my phone on to my laptop, so each time it happens I question if something more serious is going to happen and I'll lose not only the pictures, but also the memories that go with them.

my frustration has been compounded with not being able to install the latest operating system as the verification just hangs until I do a soft reboot.
As I type, my phone is slowly being backed up with the intentions of doing a factory reset tomorrow.  Hopefully taking it back to basics and freeing up some memory will stop this happening in future!

At this point I stopped typing and gave in for the night expecting everything to be ok for in the morning. The backup failed. Due to my impatience, I hurriedly backed up the photos I'd taken since my last successful backup in March to iCloud and kicked off re-installing everything. After a few minutes I got the familiar sight of the reset having done it's job. I quickly went into iPhotos to check my pictures that I'd backed up, no joy. I panicked and restored my my phone again using a backup from my iPad (this gave me an interesting experience as it's setup differently to my iPhone). After making all the necessary selections I started installing a few apps, then tried to do an update to iOS 10.3.1. My iPhone said that I had to wait for the iCloud restore to finish, after an hour of waiting still no joy. After several hours I gave in and restored it again, this time going for a vanilla build and starting from scratch. Thankfully this worked and I've been able to update the iOS and I can see my photos on iCloud, I just wish it had been a nicer experience!

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