Five Favourite Friday... Current Children's Tv Shows

Once again, Friday has caught up with me and I'm typing out a Five Favourite Friday post. This week I've chosen to go with 'Current Children's Tv Shows'.

Although there are a number of remakes of shows I used to watch as a child, I've chosen to exclude them from today's list as I don't want nostalgia to influence my selections. On with my choices!

1) Sarah & Duck - "One ticket for girl and...accompanying mallard.", I love this line from the trailer for Sarah & Duck, it sets up the programme very well with the choice of phrasing. It's not difficult to guess what it's about, but there are lots of little bits that intrigue me about the show, the animation style reminds me of the 'Professor Leyton' games and there's an intelligence to the writing which appeals to me.

2) Do Yo Know? - This is a show all about how things are made or how they work, covering a number of topics, such as the the hydraulics on a bus and escalators to tricycles and toothpaste. The only thing that annoys me is that the presenter uses her "special" camera which Is usually just a GoPro on a long handle.

3) My Story - 'My Story' is the Tv equivalent to sitting down with family members and listening to their stories. I did debate whether to include this, and if so where about on the list (honourable mentions?), because when it's a good programme it's hard to beat, but when the stories are of no interest, I find it very easy to change channels. Due to it being based on real life stories, it's difficult to predict whether it'll be of interest and the quality of storytelling really can vary depending on who is passing on the recollections.

4) Rastamouse - After Nikki won a competition for a copy of a Rastamouse magazine, we became fans of the Jammin' detective. Again there's a simplicity to the sets and props, but it all adds to a very distinctive style to the programme.

5) Hey Duggee - Although a simple animation style, 'Hey Duggee' is really fun to watch. It focuses on a number of young animals and what they get up to with the titular character to earn badges. Despite not saying anything other than the odd bark, Duggee does offer some comic relief to parents watching the show with the well-times woof of approval or dissent.

Timmy Time gets an honourable mention, mainly because of love of Aardman, but I do enjoy this spin-off of a spin-off (Timmy is Shaun the Sheep's cousin, who originally appeared in 'Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers' (1993)).

I really enjoyed pulling together this list, are there any shows I should take a look at to take into consideration at another time? Let me know in the comments below.

As always you can see Nikki's choices on her blog. Next week we'll be looking at ...

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