Weigh-In Wednesday (Weeks 3, 4 & 5)

After not being able to type for a couple of weeks, I'm back catching up on the last three weeks. Even though I wasnt able to put down my thoughts, I did capture the charts from my Fitbit app so I could take a look at how I've done over the weeks.



Over the three weeks I've eaten relatively well, when I was off work I didn't eat a huge amount and not going to the shops every day for lunch meant I only ate what we had in the house. This meant at on stage I lost 10 lbs in 11 days. Since then I've put about half of that back on but lost another 2 lb, so I'm current about a third of my way through my resolution to lose 21 lbs this year.
As we enter into March (and also Lent) I'm giving up going out for lunches when I'm in the office, instead I'm buying rice cakes and eating those. Hopefully this will have two positive outcomes:
  1. I'll continue to lose weight as I won't buy high sugar foods every day
  2. I'll save some money that can be put to better use each week
Steps | 1 / 0 / 3 Out of 7
(Target 5 days out of 7)
Total | 34,924 / 21,033 / 39,024 steps
As I've mentioned below with regards to the number of Active Hours I've expended over the past three weeks, the injury to my wrist has massively curtailed how many steps I've done recently. With my working week being disrupted, I've not had my daily walks to and from train stations to the office, nor my walks to the shops. I'm hopeful that I can soon get back to meeting my daily target of completing 6,000 steps and doing this 5 times a week.

Water | 4 / 5 / 4 Out of 7

(Target 5 out of 7)
Hooray! I met my target in Week 4 according to Fitbit, but on WaterMinder I've met my daily target every day so I've adjusted my settings to match WaterMinder and i can therefore meet the target more often going forwards.

Active Hours | 18 / 17 / 28 Total for the week
(Target 30 hours per week)
Due to my wrist injury, I've been very inactive recently, so seeing that I in weeks 3 and 4 were very low doesn't surprise me, I'm now getting back into the swing of things, but I've still got to take it easy whilst I recuperate fully and you can see that I've had more active hours this week. Also factored into things my trip to Manchester on 22/23 Feb for a conference meant I didn't get to move around a huge amount, but I'm hopeful that I can reach my target next week.

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