The Last Week (27/02/2017)

Monday - Again I gave five-a-side a miss to give my wrist as much time as possible to recover, but this meant I got to spend more time with my son. I surprised Nikki by meeting her at her parents, but it was just as their dinner was being dished up, so a plate was made up for me as well (bonus). My son was a looney, shouting with excitement when he saw me, later running around trying to find juice for grandad and spending about 10 minutes telling us the colour of yellow items. The only sore point was that he fell over just as we were about to leave, and he caught his head on a table, cue tears and needing lots of love - even kissing the ouchy didn't work! We got home and put our son to bed, we then watched a couple of YouTube videos and played Terraria until going to bed.
Tuesday - A change in routine for me, as Shrewsbury Town had an evening game against Charlton Athletic, which felt like the first one in a longtime. It turned out to be a very memorable game, matching the score the last time we played each other at the Greenhous Meadow, Shrewsbury winning 4-3. It was probably the best attacking performance I've seen this season and I still can't understand how Charlton managed to get one goal, let alone three! Frustratingly, I missed out on pancakes because of the match, but I fully intended to make up for that another night. After getting home we spent a few minutes watching YouTube and promptly going to bed.
Wednesday - I started the day with my final visit to the nurse to sort out my ear. My Dad offered to give me a lift to work, but just as we were about to leave his brother, my uncle, turned up and this delayed us setting off by half an hour. When I finally got to work, I had to prepare for my second conference in a week, thankfully this was based in my usual office so there wasn't as much disruption as the previous week (except the event finished late meaning I missed my train). This meant I didn't get to spend too much time with my son before his bedtime.
Thursday - Not a lot to report back on, except when I was giving my little boy a bath, I noticed a spot right in the middle of his chest, my first impression was later confirmed, he'd caught chicken pox (I had seen a note at his nursery saying there was a child that had been in with it so it wasn't surprising). When we got a bit of time to ourselves, me and Nikki played on Terraria after catching up on some YouTube videos.

Friday - I finished work early as I had an appointment at the doctors for the pain I'd been suffering in my wrist, he explained that it was likely to be a sprain and that it could take 4 to 6 weeks to heal. When I left, I went to see my parents for half an hour as they had been looking after my little boy in the afternoon. He was very tired when we returned home, so an early night for him meant Nikki and I got to spend some quality time together.

Saturday - After the excitement of Tuesdays game against Charlton, i was looking forward to Shrewsbury taking on bottom of the league Coventry City. However it turned out to be a dull 0-0, probably influenced by the nasty head injury suffered by a Coventry player in the first minute of the game, the injury was so bad that the game was delayed by almost 20 minutes. To be frank, the game lacked any really quality, Coventry got the ball forwards quickly and pushed men in to attacking positions but lacked the killer instinct to finish any of the chances. Whilst I was at the football, my son's chicken pox had massively broken out, but he was still a happy little boy inspire of it all.
Sunday - A very restrictive day, with my son having Chicken Pox and Nikki going out with some friends,  taking the car with her. Whilst my son napped around lunchtime I watched 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 1' to bring myself back up to speed ahead of Vol 2, which is being released in the U.K. on 6th May. My little boy woke just before the end of the film, so he had next choice of what we watched, but this highlighted a problem that I'd been conscious of for some time. With on-demand streaming services, if you get bored of something, you move on to the next programme or film, and so my son just kept changing what he wanted to watch - I long for the good old days of 4 channels to chose from and perhaps the odd VHS if you could be bothered to rewind them.

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