The Last Week (20/03/2017)

Monday - Fully back into the swing of my Monday nights, I had a quick turnaround in Shrewsbury to see Nikki and my little boy before heading out to football. I was really pleased with how I got on, I felt comfortable in my passing, my defending was positive and I was disciplined to play in some sort of formation making life difficult for our opposition.

Tuesday - I ran a bit late getting home so I was in a rush to get my son some dinner ready for when he got home from nursery, but I did manage it. Once he was tucked up in bed, I played on Lego Superheroes until going to bed.

Wednesday - Whilst the day was mostly unremarkable for me, the afternoon saw a terrible act of violence carried out in London, very near to where the people I work for have offices. Although i was working, I did keep an eye on the news to see what was happening. In the evening we again baked cakes at my parents for Nikki to take to work. We also had lots of fun with my son when he settled (he has been suffering with a cold), culminating with him running around flapping his arms and then collapsing on either me or Nikki.

Thursday - A bit like Tuesday, Thursday turned out to be a fairly standard evening, which was probably what I needed.

Friday - I took the day off to tidy our bedroom as it had gotten in to a bit of a state, that was the theory anyway. I had planned to disappear off and start when my little boy went for a nap, but he took a long time to settle and I hadn't realised that he had finally drifted off at about 11:00. At this point I was very hungry, so I went to Tesco to grab some Krispy Kreme donuts as I'd had a hankering for some since going to Newcastle. In the afternoon I set about tidying, I thought I'd put on some music to keep me sane, but I couldn't do anything with my phone. I tried lots of different things, but I think the problem revolved around having too much on the clipboard and no memory to open any apps.

Saturday - Not much to report from the morning except we played on Minecraft for the first time whilst our son napped. In the afternoon I went to Greenhous Meadow to see Shrewsbury take on Bolton Wanderers. Shrewsbury ended up losing 0-2 despite there not appearing to be much between the two sides, although Bolton probably just about edged it. Some slack goalkeeping resulted in the first goal and the prolific Adam Le Fondre got the second. In the evening we visited Nikki's parents to have an Indian takeaway to celebrate Mothering Sunday with the family.

Sunday - Mothering Sunday, so we took a trip to Harvester to have breakfast. Strangely I didn't fancy a full English so I had Belgian waffles with a fried egg and bacon which was a nice change. Nikki when all in and had a full English which she shared with our little boy. As my son napped when we got home I popped to see my mum and present her with a card, some flowers and have a chat about life. In the afternoon Nikki, me and our son when out to Haughmond Hill to have lunch and go for a walk along their shortest route. We were really proud of our son as he walked the majority of the trail and kept an eye out for the characters that appear in the Gruffalo. It was disappointing to find that the café in the picnic area was unable to accept card payments, so I had to dash back into town to grab some cash. In truth it was worth the additional trip as the bacon and egg sandwiches were amazing. When we had finished, we went to spend some time with my parents and had takeaway pizzas for dinner. In all I think the two mummies in my life had nice days, but it all unravelled for me at bedtime as I managed to spill a pint of squash over some clean washing, the bed and a number of electrical items. Cue mad panic trying to mop it all up and protect the electrics.

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