The Last Week (06/03/2017)

Monday - Still suffering with an ankle injury, I gave five-a-side a miss for the fourth consecutive week, I'm expecting it to be hell when I finally get back in to it. Instead I when to Nikki's parents to have dinner and spend some time with spotty (sorry my son). When we got home, he went to bed as normal, but he was very restless early on and we had to share our bed with him to calm him down, this meant we all suffered in our own way.

Tuesday - A very lethargic day because of the poor nights sleep. I decided to go into town and get my haircut, a mere 3 weeks after I thought about it! En route, I popped into Button & Bear, a child friendly cafe/bookshop to find something for my little man. After looking at a number of books and feeling overwhelmed, I bought a Gruffalo soft toy. When I got back to see my son I presented him with his reward for not letting the chicken pox get him down too much and his face was a picture when he realised what I'd got him. He also proceeded to 'read' the tag, telling everyone who'd listen about the teeth, claws and jaws - very cute. I was grateful that he went to sleep ok, while I watched the first half of Arsenal Vs Bayern Munich, in the Last 16 of the Champions League. I glanced at the second half too,  but when I saw a penalty awarded and Kochelny sent off, I knew the tie was over and not worth watching, Arsenal went on to lose 1-5.

Wednesday - Thankfully, as a family we all had a much better night sleep, with my son going through the night only needing me to pop and see him once. Nikki picked our son up on the way home from work which allowed me to catchup on the first episode of the latest series of 'Top Gear'. When they both arrived home, we spent a bit of time together as a family, before little man went to bed. He took along time to settle, I won't lie I got very frustrated and ended up leaving him to take himself to sleep. It worked, if only I'd tried it sooner.

Thursday - I had a really quiet day, with not much to report, watching YouTube and Big Bang Theory in the evening before bed.

Friday - It was the release day of Lego Worlds, so I made a concerted effort to get out to the shops to buy a copy. When discussing buying a copy with Nikki, we found that we had £40 of vouchers to spend at Tesco, which meant I didn't need to put too much thought into where I got it from.  So after watching some Big Bang Theory, we started to play Lego Worlds, which is great and I'll do a separate review post of the game soon.

Saturday - After my son's nap, Nikki suggested we took a trip to IKEA in Wednesbury. Despite feeling quite ill, we made the trip out there to get a few bits and bobs. I realised when we were walking around that it's not a bad place to go to when your unwell, as there are plenty of places to have a sit down and rest. After about an hour and a half of wandering round grabbing the things we needed, we headed back home to watch England play Scotland in the Six Nations. England won convincingly, 61-21, which put me in a good mood to watch Arsenal vs Lincoln City in the FA Cup, happily Arsenal got 5 goals in a convincing win. After bathing my little boy and putting him to bed, I had an early night myself to try to make me feel better. In bed at 20:30, so rock n roll!

Sunday - We had a very relaxing day, starting off by playing on Lego Marvel Superheroes, to get some more achievements towards my New Years resolutions, before heading to Nikki's parents for Sunday lunch, as I'd got my appetite back.  We watched the first half of the FA cup tie between Tottenham and Millwall, then Liverpool play Burnley.


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