Formula One 2017 | Round 1 | Australia

There was disappoint for the home fans before the race had even started when Daniel Ricciardo's Red Bull had a failure on his way to the grid saw him pull up about half way round the circuit.  Fortunately, with help from the stewards, he was able to get back to the pitlane and was able to start the race, but everyone else had completed two laps by then.

After an aborted start as one of the mid-field drivers ended up in the wrong starting position on the grid, the two Mercedes drivers made solid starts and kept the Ferraris behind them going into the first corners. All the cars made it through the first couple of corners safely, but a few turns later Kevin Magnusson caught Marcus Ericsson, although the stewards ruled this was a 'racing incident' and no further action was taken

With my 17 laps completed Hamilton pitted from the lead, returning to the track behind Max Verstappen's Red Bull. This was pivotal to the outcome of the race as it allowed Sebastian Vettel to pull away in the clear air and trim Hamiltons lead before pitting himself 7 laps later. When he left the pit lane he had built up enough of a lead to leapfrog Hamilton into taking the lead when all of the other pit strategies had been worked out.

What played out after this was a bit of a precession as the leading drivers held their places, taking a tenth of second or two out of each other before responding to any threats. This meant Vettel took victory in the opening race of the season, Hamilton coming second and Valterie Bottas third.

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