Five Favourite Friday... Crisp Flavours

It's Friday, so whilst everyone else is planning a night out, here I am preparing a post to go out on Friday night! It was Nikki's turn to select the topic for this week and she's chosen 'Crisp Flavours'. I've been expecting this for some time as Nikki loves crisps, I'm just surprised it's taken this long. To set my stall out, I'm not going to pick brands with specific, refined flavours (I recently saw a packet of 'Irresistible Sea Salt & Chardonnay Wine Vinegar' Crisps), I'm going for the generic flavours that I enjoy and would expect to enjoy regardless of the quality of crisp. Here we go:

1) Salt & Vinegar - My go to crisp flavour, probably because it's an easy flavour to get right and you know what you to expect.
2) Ready Salted - Another classic flavour alongside Salt & Vinegar and another that's hard to get wrong. I imagine the vast majority of crisps consumed around the world are Ready Salted.
3) Prawn Cocktail - A relatively sweet crisp flavour, one of those flavours that I enjoy even if I don't like the food it's trying to replicate.
4) Worcestershire Sauce - The first flavour that maybe controversial as it's not a classic flavour. Not everyone will like Worcestershire Sauce flavoured crisps, but I do, they're a bit like Prawn Cocktail, there's almost a sweetness to them which I really enjoy.
5) Steak - Not Beef & Onion, I cant stand them, but a good packet of Steak crisps is sometimes all you need to have a good day.
There are lots of other flavours out there that I enjoy, but they're usually aligned to a particular brand or manufacturer, perhaps they'll crop up as a separate topic in the future...
As always you can check out Nikki's post here. I've decided that our post next Friday will be 'Famous Film Cars'. Until then...

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