The Last Week (30/01/2017)

Monday - As normal, I had a quick turnaround after work to see Nikki and my little boy, who was insistent on telling me that his Nanna had dropped an egg when preparing tea before heading to football. It was a really enjoyable game, even if the scoring was low (I think 7-3). I got two goals, defensively I played well with lots of tackles and interceptions, and I don't think I let a goal in when it was my turn. The very fact it took our opposition until the 52nd minute to get their first goal tells its own story. Upon returning home, my little boy went to bed with no fuss and we watch TV until we went to bed ourselves.

Tuesday - A standard kinda day, I arrived home shortly before Nikki and my son, so I prepared some tea for his arrival home. We spent some time reading books before bath and bed. Thankfully it was a settled night from my son so we were able to watch some uninterrupted TV before bed.

Wednesday - Another evening spent looking after my little boy before bath and bed, then we watched a couple more episodes of 'Death In Paradise'. We're almost at the end of season 4, the last available one on Netflix, we will have to decide if we will skip season 5 and watch 6 on iPlayer or not, decisions, decisions. Nikki also helped me update my blog with a new header (courtesy of Emmy's Beauty Cave) and template. Let me know what you think of the new design!

Thursday - An early start to get into the office for an 08:30 meeting, but i got a lift in so it didn't feel rushed like normal. The evening didn't follow like this, though and it felt a bit exhausting until the little man went to bed. After which, we continued to watch 'Death In Paradise' and YouTube before going to bed ourselves.

Friday - I had hoped to finish work earlier than normal, as I'd worked late in Tuesday, but a meeting due to finish at 16:15 put an end to that thought. We got to 15:30 and a couple of people said they couldn't now make the meeting and it would be cancelled. Frustrating, but at least I got a lift home from my dad, who had my little boy with him. We had a great journey home, lots of loud, aggressive sounding animal noise but all good mannered. When we got back my auntie and uncle called by for a chat, and it turned out a good reading session for my son (my auntie read him about 12 books in the hour we were together). For tea, we had a chicken curry prepared by my dad, and it turns out my son likes curry - nothing is sacred as we say.

Saturday - I woke relatively early and thought I'd pop to the shops to grab a few bits for breakfast. I tried to open the car door, but it was frozen closed. So I decided to go for a walk to a nearby supermarket rather than the one we normally go to. It was spookily walking round the shop as that had just opened and there was hardly anyone else in. Nikki took our son, along with her mum and sister to West Mid Safari Park, whilst I when to watch the football as Shrewsbury Town took on Bury. The only trouble was I couldn't find my car key and the only other key is was 60 miles away with Nikki. I spent an hour trying to find my key and get hold of someone that might be able to give me a ride to the ground before kick-off. Fortunately, I managed to get hold of my dad who made a special trip to help me out - I really appreciate the assistance I get from my parents. I'm glad I made to the match as Shrewsbury dominated the game. Although the statistics at the bed of the game were fairly even, I think Shrewsbury were keeping Bury at arms length and the final score of 2-1 flattered Bury. Another 3 points lifter us up another place in the table, putting a bit of a gap between us and the relegation places, the only way is up. I had tried to warn Nikki that I'd left the house in a bit of a state when I'd left for the game, warning her it wasn't child friendly. When I got in from the match, I was shocked and amazed to see that she had done a fantastic job in tidying the front room - again I really appreciated this.

Sunday - After doing a quick shop for a few essential items, we went to visit some friends for the afternoon. We had a great time playing games with the children. Our son was so cute playing in a toy kitchen, he decided to do some role play and was offering everyone cups of tea and plates of food. As the night wore on I got prepared to watch the Super Bowl (you can read my quarter by quarter review here). In the early hours of Monday morning I finally got to sleep.

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