The Last Week (23/01/2017)

Monday - As per normal, I managed to spend all of 10 minutes with my son before heading out to play football. Thankfully he was in a happy mood, and had spent the afternoon hiding under a blanket from everyone. We had a rarity at football as we managed to get 5 vs 5! I find these games the toughest, because I'm not particularly fit and don't have either pace or stamina so it's difficult to find space. I was content with how I played, I got a goal (and arguably a second) and my passing, defending and goalkeeping were all sound, but I would have liked to get a couple more goals. Unfortunately I seemed to lose my composure when I had my best chances. Upon returning home, I put my son to bed before watching a number of YouTube videos with Nikki. During the night, my son started to cry, when I went through to him his head was hanging over the foot of his bed. He'd managed to spin himself round and half crawled out of bed, but he soon settled back down thankfully.

Tuesday - Another cold and frosty morning as I waited for the train, coupled with the aches generated by playing football, my joints were aching but I soldiered on.  Walking up from the train station to my office, I could really feel how tight my calfs were (I may have to bite the bullet and start warming up/down). Me and Nikki went to pickup our little boy from nursery in the evening and I was shocked to see that Nikki had cut his hair, it looks really good, but he looks so grown up now. His bedtime routine went well and I was soon down stairs watching 'Death In Paradise' with Nikki.

Wednesday - A quiet night in, followed an average day at work. As Nikki hadn't been well this week, I was able to meet her with our son at her parents from the office. After we got home and put our son to bed we continued to watch 'Death In Paradise' before retiring for the night.

Thursday - I planned a days leave, which turned out to be great foresight as my little boy didn't have the best night sleeping, waking regularly in the early hours before finally settling alongside me in bed. He woke up fully at about 06:15, far earlier than I anticipated for a day off - however, it was nice how he tried to wake me by giving me a kiss and lying with his face right up against mine waiting for me to open my eyes. After getting up, we took a family trip out to a nearby McDonalds for breakfast with my dad.  You know what you're getting with a Maccies breakfast, but my son had a great time as he was the only child in the Happy Meal Playzone. When we got home and my son had a nap, we watched some more 'Death In Paradise'. Almost as soon as he was awake, I scooped him up and took him to nursery.  Whilst he was there I took a trip to Telford to grab a few bits. This was perhaps a mistake in hindsight, as I got a bit depressed but this is a long running thing for me shopping so I'll probably cover this more generally on a separate post. On the way home, I called at Tesco and grabbed some food and a couple of Lego Batman Series 1 mini figures, such was my luck I ended up with two of the same mini figures! The one below, it wasn't even one that I particularly wanted. When I got back, we played on Horde on Gears Of War 4, but got nowhere near my resolution of completing wave 50.  We collected our son from nursery before heading home, giving him tea and settling down with some more 'Death in Paradise' before heading to bed for an early night.

Friday - I didn't feel great and this meant I didn't have a hugely productive day in the office. The evening saw me spend some time with Nikki and my son, and after he went to bed, we continued to watch an episode of 'Death In Paradise' and some YouTube videos while we prepared our blog posts before heading to bed.

Saturday - We got up early because my son woke at 06:00 and had no plans of going back to sleep, no worries we thought he'll get the sleep he needs at nap time. Nap time came and he would not sleep or even rest, so we decided to go for a walk around Attingham Park thinking the fresh air would knock him out. Wrong again. We walked along the river Tern and he pointed out all the ducks (geese) and dogs that walked passed, when the path left the river he was shouting "where are you quack-quack?" constantly, until I asked him to find a dog. When we got to the entrance to the play field, he shouted "where are you reindeer?" as they had a wooden statue located there over Christmas. We had planned to have lunch at the estate, but they didn't have much that appealed to us, so we went for an all-day breakfast at the Tesco Café. On the short journey home, my son finally started to nap, and we were able to get him in to our house and not disturb him in doing so and, boy, did he sleep. Two and a half hours. This was a mistake, we soon realised. As he awoke we went to visit my parents and have a Chinese banquet to see in the Chinese New Year (新年快乐) then back to ours for a bedtime routine, after which we continued to watch 'Death In Paradise' and I caught up on the goals from the FA Cup fourth round.

Sunday - Regrettably, our day started early again... too early. Our son awoke at 01:30 and wouldn't even tolerate the thought of going back to sleep. Although he wasn't overly disruptive, we had to keep an eye on him and this stopped us from going back to sleep. At 04:00 I decided to go downstairs and watch some TV, although I ended up sorting out some pictures on my phone. Shortly after I finished, my partner came to join me with our son having come to the conclusion that he was going to stay awake and I could go back to bed for some rest. As I settled down, both joined me once more as our son was ready to go back to sleep, this meant I finally got back to sleep at about 06:00. We woke up properly and intentionally at 09:00 and then grabbed some breakfast. Again, our little boy wasn't ready to nap as we watched TV and we soon headed round to Nikki's parents for a roast lunch. We spent the afternoon watching Sutton United Vs Leeds United in the FA Cup and 'The Borrowers' (1997) - not my favourite film by a long way! The evening consisted of the usual bedtime routine and finishing series 3 of 'Death In Paradise'.

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