The Last Week (20/02/2017)

I've still been suffering with my wrist, so again this post may end up being shorter than usual.

Monday - No five-a-side this week for me because of my wrist. Instead I had a restful time, trying to nurse myself back to full fitness. I spent the day watching various Netflix and YouTube videos, but not mush else to report.

Tuesday - I had the afternoon to myself, so I thought I'd watch 'Inglorious Basterds' (2009) and follow it up with 'Ant-Man'. I didn't get Inglorious, I can only think that Quentin Tarantino fans have managed to bump it's popularity up on IMDB because there wasn't much in the film that I found interesting but at least I got to enjoy Ant-Man, it's one of my favourite films to put on to relax whilst watching.

Wednesday - I was back to work but away at a conference at the Mecure Hotel in Manchester, this helped me get back into the swing of things without putting too much pressure on my wrist. I managed to get lost en route and ended up walking past the same landmark a coupled of times, but the important thing was I got there safely. During the conference I started to write up some notes for our table, but soon had to give up because of my wrist and when it came to signing in, my signature was unrecognisable. When the day came to a close, I didn't have much time to get up to my room (on the 11th floor) and ready for dinner, so I wasn't able to pop into the city centre like I had wanted to. I tried FaceTime to see Nikki and my little boy, but the signal was poor and he was watching 'The Gruffalo' (2011) so he wasn't interested. Other than that I had a pleasant evening and an early night. One really fun experience was doing a couple of time lapse videos of the square opposite the hotel, I think they turned out well.
Thursday - The day Storm Doris hit. I managed to wake up in time to grab a full English breakfast at the hotel before checking out and getting to the second day of the conference. Due to the fact that a storm had hit Britain, in particular the north west, the conference was brought to close slightly ahead of schedule. Whilst everyone else headed straight to the train station, I visited the Arndale Centre to grab some lunch and a little something for my little boy from the trip. I also popped in to Fan Boy 3 on my way back, and I've got to say I was a bit disappointed as I'd heard good things about them, but their Warmahordes stock was minimal and covered by other boxes and they only had a few select editions of Munchkin, both were the reason for going there. Although my I had plenty of time until my train was due to leave, I headed to Manchester Piccadilly to see if I could get on an earlier train. However the storms had massively affected the rail network, and train after train was cancelled as I sat in the station. Eventually, after about four and a half hours of waiting I was able to board a train home, even bagging myself a seat to boot all the way home. Just my luck however that when I got to the outskirts of town my phone ran out of battery, I had to ask a BTP policeman if I could use a power socket to get a bit of charge to make a call. It was great to finally get back, see my little boy and Nikki and give them their presents which they loved.
Friday - My first real day at work in over a week, so lots of catching up on what had happened and reviewing incoming emails. Nikki came to pick me up from the office with our son, which is always a nice treat. When we got back, Nikki made a lasagna for dinner, and although she picked fault, I quite enjoyed it. We then spent the evening catching up on YouTube videos.
Saturday - I spent the morning with my parents helping to clear my Aunties house, burning several folders of documents that needed to be destroyed. After lunch I headed home before going to see Nikki's parents who have just got back from a break in New York. We then spent the evening with my parents, having fish & chips for dinner.
Sunday - We started the day by going for breakfast at a nearby Harvester, probably eating too much on their unlimited breakfast option. Unfortunately our son had struggle with both cereal and yoghurt meaning we had to pop into Asda to get him a clean T-shirt. In the afternoon I watched the 6 Nations Rugby as England took on Italy, little did I know what was about to unfold. Italy quickly left the tackle area so no ruck was formed and then got players beyond the non-existent offside line disrupting the English players. It was a bizarre game to watch, but I found it intriguing and even left the English players asking the referee for confirmation of the rules. In the end, these tactics didn't stop England winning as they did 36-15. At the conclusion of the rugby, my little boy asked to watch 'The Good Dinosaur' (2016) as he had his dinner. Once he was in bed, me and Nikki continued to play on Terraria until we called it a night.

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