The Last Week (13/02/2017)

Due to a sprained wrist, I've not been able to keep up with my little log of things I've been up to, so this week's post will be very short - sorry.

Monday - Normal service resumed, with finishing work, seeing my son and Nikki for 15 minutes before heading to five-a-side. Happy with my performance as I got a goal or two and I was really pleased with the cuteness of some of my attacking play, with flicked shots at goal as the ball was going passed me and defensively I think I put a shift in too. After returning home, we watched YouTube until going to bed.

Tuesday - The start of my wrist problems at work, I could feel a stabbing pain whenever I used my mouse in the afternoon. Fortunately I had use of the car, so I could leave when it got too much, and again I am lucky that the journey home isn't complex nor strenuous to navigate. Me and Nikki agreed to go and pick up our son from nursery together as it was his first session in a new room. It was encouraging to hear that he'd settled in well with the staff and the activities in the room after some initial tears. The change in his routine could be seen when we got home as he was very tired.

Wednesday - My day started early, as my little boy woke up in the very early hours and then I couldn't get back to sleep. When I did, I slept in an awkward position and compounded the pain I was suffering in my wrist. The new pain was unbearable, if I moved my hand there was a shooting pain through my wrist, if I kept it still there was a stabbing pain. I had to phone into the office to say I wouldn't be in, the thought of spending the day using a keyboard sent chills through me. I also had a follow up appointment with the nurse for my ear, so I really wasn't having the best time of it. As bad as it sounds I spent the day trying to avoid my son, who wad desperate for daddy to read him a book, but having him on my knee and trying to turn pages was unthinkable. When he napped we started to watch a Netflix Original, 'Lemony Snickets A Series Of Unfortunate Events', we really enjoyed the first episode, but didn't feel like we could binge watch multiple episodes at a time, so we stopped after the first. In the afternoon, I caught up on some of my missing sleep when my partner went to work and my son spent some time with Grandad. In the evening we watched some more YouTube before heading to bed.

Thursday - I started my day by going to the local NHS drop In centre early door to have someone look at my wrist. I was grateful that I only spent about 90 mins there as the last time I attend was with my son and we were ill prepared for the 5 hours we spent in the centre. The bad news was that I was I had sprained my wrist, it wasn't broken as they had checked an X-ray. A quick and trip to Boots on the way home saw me pick up a bandage, ice pack and sling to try to speed up the recovery. In the afternoon my little boy went to nursery and I slept to catch up on the sleep I'd missed out on due to being woken up through the night as a result of the pains in my wrist.

Friday - Another resting day to help with my wrist, spent watching Netflix, YouTube and Now TV.

Saturday - A nice peaceful morning, was followed up with football in the afternoon, as Shrewsbury Town took on AFC Wimbledon at the Greenhous Meadow. Although not one for the purists out there I rather enjoyed the game, Wimbledon were a physical team, who got the ball forwards quickly (a long ball side). There were two moments that brought a smile to my face in the first half, their striker tried to charge our goalkeeper as he collected a high cross, but proceeded to miss and run straight into the post, leaving him lay on the floor for a few minutes, the second was a good opportunity falling to an oncoming midfielder who volleyed the ball towards goal only to hit and wipe out a teammate a few yard in front of him. A deflected free kick from Tyler Roberts and a dominant header by Toto Nsiala gave Shrewsbury a 2-1 victory. This was definitely a game we would have a lost a few months ago. Nikki came with our son to pick me up and I could hear him shouting across the car park, very cute.

Sunday - We had a lazy morning, even if our son didn't nap and then headed to Attingham Estate for a walk with a friend and his son. We had a great time walking through the snowdrops that are currently in bloom and there were plenty of opportunities to get some photos taken. We also visited the large play field and just let the boys runaround and have some independent fun, really nice to see our son happy to do this. In the evening we joined my parents in going out for a well earned meal.

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