The Last Week (06/02/2017)

Monday - A break from my usual Monday routine, I chose not to play five-a-side due to some pain I was experiencing in my knees (I'm not sure what the problem was but they feel better now). My day started after only 3 hours sleep having watched Super Bowl LI the night before. Surprisingly, I didn't feel too bad when I woke, but I started to feel the exhaustion as the day wore on, so I had an early finish. When I got home, I put YouTube on to watch a couple of videos, but after two lost hours i realised that I may have dozed off. Nikki brought my son home at around 19:00 and after a quick chat/book reading/cuddle it was soon time for bath and bed for my son. From about 21:00, my little boy started a hacking cough, we think he's suffering with croup, so I decided to take him into our bed to settle and fortunately he slept like a baby.

Tuesday - A nice start to the evening, when I finally got a lift from the station, because I went to meet Nikki from work to pick up our little boy from Nursery. There was a lovely moment when he spotted me through a window into the room and started running around with excitement. There was an abrupt ending to this when he fell over, then all he wanted was a cuddle from his mum. After some difficulty in getting him to eat his tea, he was soon bathed and in bed. We then spent the evening watching YouTube videos whilst I prepped some blog posts before going to bed.

Wednesday - I had been trying to call my doctors for an appointment to see someone about my ear (I'd been suffering some discomfort), so I decided to go down to the surgery and set up camp until someone would see me. Fortunately, my encampment lasted only 40 minutes before I got to see the nurse. I then had a lift out to work, calling by McDonalds to grab some breakfast. At the end of the day, before Nikki arrived home with our little boy, I managed to spend some time on Gears Of War trying to get to, and complete, Wave 50 of Horde. No such luck. On the first game, before wave 2 started we were reduced to 2 members on the team and in the second game, we couldn't get past Wave 17. After spending some time reading to my son, it was time for his bath and bed. When we got to spend time together, me and Nikki watched YouTube and preparing some blog posts.

Thursday - I visited Nottingham with work to attend a training session and got back later than usual, but grabbed a couple of Happy Meals for our tea. Our son pinched some of our chips as we watched CBeebies until his bedtime. After that we watched YouTube and I realised how much I was missing something good to watch on Netflix, Now TV or live TV.

Friday - We treated ourselves, by going to see the new 'Lego Batman Movie' (2017) at the cinema in the afternoon, sitting in the VIP seats at our local odeon cinema.  I really enjoyed the film as it combines two of my passions, Lego and Batman, and I'm planning a separate post to review the film. After the film we went to pick up our son and have tea with my parents.

Saturday - A full on day even if not much was achieved. We started the day by going into town to look for some new glasses, although we only came away with some shoes and toy dinosaurs for our son. We returned home for our little boy to have a nap, whilst we played on Terraria and watched Arsenal Vs Hull City. Nikki became restless so we decided to go out to find a soft play centre, regrettably the three that we tried were either rammed or had a private party going on. We spent some time looking at the fish and pets at a garden centre, but after an hour of trawling round Shrewsbury to find somewhere for our son, we gave up and headed to McDonalds for lunch. As an alternative to the soft play centre, we visited Toys R Us, fortunately for me, they had a Lego event on where you could build and take away a Batman compact car. I spent along time trying to build one whilst grabbing the bits for another one for Nikki. We got back just in time to watch Wales Vs England in the 6 Nations, England managed a late 16-21 victory. We put our son to bed and continued to play on Terraria.
Sunday - A very lazy day, we visited Nikki's parents to have lunch and spent the afternoon watching Burnley vs Chelsea and Swansea City vs Leicester City. It was quite late when we got back so little man went straight to bed and we played on Terraria until retiring ourselves.

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