Super Bowl LI - Quarter by Quarter Review

In the small hours Of Sunday night and Monday morning (in the UK), the biggest game of the NFL season took place, possibly the biggest entertainment spectacle in the sport. I settled down for the match  and These are my thoughts on the spectacle that was Super Bowl LI:

Q1 - A steady opening for both sides, the Falcons played the running game, whereas the Patriots when for gains by passing long.

Q2 - In the second quarter the falcon open the scoring and soon raced into a 21-0 lead. The Falcons started to switch their plays up for the first two touchdowns, by getting the Pats to tighten up due to the direct running and then changing to accurate passing in to the end zone. The third TD was an interception turnover and a 82 yard run. Wow! Some fantastic defensive play by the Falcons restricted the patriots to a field goal as their only score of the half, ending 21-3.

Halftime show - Lady Gaga opened her show from the top of the stadium before parasailing down to the stage. The show was what I expected from a Lady Gaga concert, lots of lights, anthemic songs and tightly choreographed dance routines. Although it was a great performance it was a shame Lady Gaga didn't do any collaborations during her set and I didn't enjoy it as much as some of the previous halftime shows. That said, it was fantastically staged, and she did manage a costume change in the brief performance.

Q3 - Some more excellent play by the Falcons put another score on the board. As someone who doesn't know the fine details of the sport, even I could see that the Patriots were struggling to cope with their opponents use of the ball. Later in the quarter, the Patriots got their first TD, but missed the following kick, hitting the upright, bringing the score to 28-9

Q4 - The Patriots started the quarter strongly making many yards, but after sacking Tom Brady twice in successive plays, the Patriots had to settle with a field goal. A turnover midway through the quarter resulted in a TD and two-point conversion. At the end of the quarter a 91 drive and second two-point conversion tied the game with a minute to go. The end of regulation time saw the score finishing 28-28 and the Super Bowl went to overtime for the first time.

Overtime - On the first drive the Patriots threw the ball down the field and scored a touch down (apparently), despite not appearing to get the ball to the line... One day I get the rules of the game! This meant they won the game 34-28.

Congratulations to the New England Patriots on a spectacular comeback, for winning the game and taking home the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Watching tonight's game reminded me why I love watching American football, hopefully I'll get to watch some more NFL games next season and try to get to a local game too.

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