Free App Of The Week (Apple) - Chameleon Run

Apple are currently offering 'Chameleon Run' by Noodlecake Studio as their Free App of the week. First things first, this is a beautiful game. I saw that it had been awarded the Apple Design Award, but it really does look amazing, that's the first thing that leaps out when you load the game up. Talking of which, the game loads straight into the tutorial, which teaches you the basics of the game. In essence, Chameleon Run is a very simple game with two controls, by default your left thumb changes the character's colour and your right thumb is jump.

I see Chameleon Run as a similar game to the Temple Run games, where you have a character progressing through each level and you have simple controls that can be used to avoid obstacles. In Chameleon Run, you run and jump along a path trying to ensure you're the right colour for the platform your jumping on to whilst collect all the marbles and 'smoking crystals', whilst trying to get the quickest time and challenge yourself not to change colour. Each level has three objectives based on these to collect and keeps track of your fastest time.

I should say a big thank you to Apple for giving away two great app in the past two weeks, in Roofbot and Chameleon Run, I've enjoyed both immensely and I've taken to playing both on my commute to and from work.  Chameleon Run is a beautiful, simple game to play and I'm so glad I downloaded it.  I'm not sure that my son (22 months old) would get very far on it, but I love it and that's all that matters at the moment!

'Chameleon Run' by Noodlecake Studios - 5/5

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