Five Favourite Friday... Board Games

It's Friday again, which can only mean one thing, it's time for another Five Favourite Friday post, this week its Board Games chosen by Nikki.  Even though I don't profess to being any good at them, I do love playing board games, there's little else better than having some friends over and playing a game of relationship-destroyer Monopoly (you can probably guess one of my choices now). Anyway on with my five favourite board games.

1) Risk - Although the version I own is a little outdated (where exactly is Ural), it is one of my go to games as it takes skill, patience and a good amount of luck to win at Risk.

2) Cluedo / Clue - Professor Plum, with the lead piping in the kitchen? The traditional version of Cluedo appeals to the detective in all of us, a real whodunnit.

3) Monopoly Classic Edition - Why board game manufacturers feel the need to mess with classics is beyond me. You cant beat the original version of Monopoly, I always try to buy the brown properties as they're cheap to buy and upgrade and then the stations, but there are lots of different strategies that can be brought into play.

4) Trivial Pursuit - Questions about a range of subjects where players need to earn wedges in the six different categories to win the game.

5) Pictionary - Who doesn't enjoy a good doodle, and with a competitive element added make Pictionary one of my top games to play.

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  1. I haven't played any of these in years! I do love scrabble and monopoly though :-)

    Kirsty Leanne