The Last Week (20/02/2017)

I've still been suffering with my wrist, so again this post may end up being shorter than usual.

Monday - No five-a-side this week for me because of my wrist. Instead I had a restful time, trying to nurse myself back to full fitness. I spent the day watching various Netflix and YouTube videos, but not mush else to report.

Tuesday - I had the afternoon to myself, so I thought I'd watch 'Inglorious Basterds' (2009) and follow it up with 'Ant-Man'. I didn't get Inglorious, I can only think that Quentin Tarantino fans have managed to bump it's popularity up on IMDB because there wasn't much in the film that I found interesting but at least I got to enjoy Ant-Man, it's one of my favourite films to put on to relax whilst watching.

Wednesday - I was back to work but away at a conference at the Mecure Hotel in Manchester, this helped me get back into the swing of things without putting too much pressure on my wrist. I managed to get lost en route and ended up walking past the same landmark a coupled of times, but the important thing was I got there safely. During the conference I started to write up some notes for our table, but soon had to give up because of my wrist and when it came to signing in, my signature was unrecognisable. When the day came to a close, I didn't have much time to get up to my room (on the 11th floor) and ready for dinner, so I wasn't able to pop into the city centre like I had wanted to. I tried FaceTime to see Nikki and my little boy, but the signal was poor and he was watching 'The Gruffalo' (2011) so he wasn't interested. Other than that I had a pleasant evening and an early night. One really fun experience was doing a couple of time lapse videos of the square opposite the hotel, I think they turned out well.
Thursday - The day Storm Doris hit. I managed to wake up in time to grab a full English breakfast at the hotel before checking out and getting to the second day of the conference. Due to the fact that a storm had hit Britain, in particular the north west, the conference was brought to close slightly ahead of schedule. Whilst everyone else headed straight to the train station, I visited the Arndale Centre to grab some lunch and a little something for my little boy from the trip. I also popped in to Fan Boy 3 on my way back, and I've got to say I was a bit disappointed as I'd heard good things about them, but their Warmahordes stock was minimal and covered by other boxes and they only had a few select editions of Munchkin, both were the reason for going there. Although my I had plenty of time until my train was due to leave, I headed to Manchester Piccadilly to see if I could get on an earlier train. However the storms had massively affected the rail network, and train after train was cancelled as I sat in the station. Eventually, after about four and a half hours of waiting I was able to board a train home, even bagging myself a seat to boot all the way home. Just my luck however that when I got to the outskirts of town my phone ran out of battery, I had to ask a BTP policeman if I could use a power socket to get a bit of charge to make a call. It was great to finally get back, see my little boy and Nikki and give them their presents which they loved.
Friday - My first real day at work in over a week, so lots of catching up on what had happened and reviewing incoming emails. Nikki came to pick me up from the office with our son, which is always a nice treat. When we got back, Nikki made a lasagna for dinner, and although she picked fault, I quite enjoyed it. We then spent the evening catching up on YouTube videos.
Saturday - I spent the morning with my parents helping to clear my Aunties house, burning several folders of documents that needed to be destroyed. After lunch I headed home before going to see Nikki's parents who have just got back from a break in New York. We then spent the evening with my parents, having fish & chips for dinner.
Sunday - We started the day by going for breakfast at a nearby Harvester, probably eating too much on their unlimited breakfast option. Unfortunately our son had struggle with both cereal and yoghurt meaning we had to pop into Asda to get him a clean T-shirt. In the afternoon I watched the 6 Nations Rugby as England took on Italy, little did I know what was about to unfold. Italy quickly left the tackle area so no ruck was formed and then got players beyond the non-existent offside line disrupting the English players. It was a bizarre game to watch, but I found it intriguing and even left the English players asking the referee for confirmation of the rules. In the end, these tactics didn't stop England winning as they did 36-15. At the conclusion of the rugby, my little boy asked to watch 'The Good Dinosaur' (2016) as he had his dinner. Once he was in bed, me and Nikki continued to play on Terraria until we called it a night.

Five Favourite Friday... National Trust's 50 Things To Do Before You're 11 3/4

Whilst everyone else is preparing for the weekend, I'm sat writing my Five Favourite Friday post (that'll teach me to be more prepared!). This week we're picking 5 things off the National Trust's list of 50 Things To Do Before You're 11 3/4. I've taken into consideration what I enjoyed doing when I was a child, how easy they are to do and doing them in the future with my son. You can check out the full list here, on with my 5 activities:

#6 Run Around In The Rain - Such a simple activity and living in Britain it's easy to find a rainy day. We've just had a storm (Doris) hit us over the past couple of days, and I couldn't resist going for a walk through a wet and windy park!

#14 Dam A Stream - Something from my past and something that I'm really looking forward to doing with my son at Carding Mill Valley, I spent many a summer there in the past trying to build a dam in the streams there.

#27 Go Stargazing - Another activity that I'm looking forward to doing with my son, heading out to the wild, lying back and watching the stars.

#41 Plant It, Grow It, Eat It - In recent years I've grown mint and strawberries, so it's definitely something I'll be trying this with my son.

#47 Cook On A Campfire - Not something I've done, but I'd love to do it, so I'll be living this activity through my son as he grows up.

There we go, but there are 45 more things to do on the list that I want to do with my son as he get old enough to do them. You can check out Nikki's choices on her blog, where she will be revealing next week's topic!

The Last Week (13/02/2017)

Due to a sprained wrist, I've not been able to keep up with my little log of things I've been up to, so this week's post will be very short - sorry.

Monday - Normal service resumed, with finishing work, seeing my son and Nikki for 15 minutes before heading to five-a-side. Happy with my performance as I got a goal or two and I was really pleased with the cuteness of some of my attacking play, with flicked shots at goal as the ball was going passed me and defensively I think I put a shift in too. After returning home, we watched YouTube until going to bed.

Tuesday - The start of my wrist problems at work, I could feel a stabbing pain whenever I used my mouse in the afternoon. Fortunately I had use of the car, so I could leave when it got too much, and again I am lucky that the journey home isn't complex nor strenuous to navigate. Me and Nikki agreed to go and pick up our son from nursery together as it was his first session in a new room. It was encouraging to hear that he'd settled in well with the staff and the activities in the room after some initial tears. The change in his routine could be seen when we got home as he was very tired.

Wednesday - My day started early, as my little boy woke up in the very early hours and then I couldn't get back to sleep. When I did, I slept in an awkward position and compounded the pain I was suffering in my wrist. The new pain was unbearable, if I moved my hand there was a shooting pain through my wrist, if I kept it still there was a stabbing pain. I had to phone into the office to say I wouldn't be in, the thought of spending the day using a keyboard sent chills through me. I also had a follow up appointment with the nurse for my ear, so I really wasn't having the best time of it. As bad as it sounds I spent the day trying to avoid my son, who wad desperate for daddy to read him a book, but having him on my knee and trying to turn pages was unthinkable. When he napped we started to watch a Netflix Original, 'Lemony Snickets A Series Of Unfortunate Events', we really enjoyed the first episode, but didn't feel like we could binge watch multiple episodes at a time, so we stopped after the first. In the afternoon, I caught up on some of my missing sleep when my partner went to work and my son spent some time with Grandad. In the evening we watched some more YouTube before heading to bed.

Thursday - I started my day by going to the local NHS drop In centre early door to have someone look at my wrist. I was grateful that I only spent about 90 mins there as the last time I attend was with my son and we were ill prepared for the 5 hours we spent in the centre. The bad news was that I was I had sprained my wrist, it wasn't broken as they had checked an X-ray. A quick and trip to Boots on the way home saw me pick up a bandage, ice pack and sling to try to speed up the recovery. In the afternoon my little boy went to nursery and I slept to catch up on the sleep I'd missed out on due to being woken up through the night as a result of the pains in my wrist.

Friday - Another resting day to help with my wrist, spent watching Netflix, YouTube and Now TV.

Saturday - A nice peaceful morning, was followed up with football in the afternoon, as Shrewsbury Town took on AFC Wimbledon at the Greenhous Meadow. Although not one for the purists out there I rather enjoyed the game, Wimbledon were a physical team, who got the ball forwards quickly (a long ball side). There were two moments that brought a smile to my face in the first half, their striker tried to charge our goalkeeper as he collected a high cross, but proceeded to miss and run straight into the post, leaving him lay on the floor for a few minutes, the second was a good opportunity falling to an oncoming midfielder who volleyed the ball towards goal only to hit and wipe out a teammate a few yard in front of him. A deflected free kick from Tyler Roberts and a dominant header by Toto Nsiala gave Shrewsbury a 2-1 victory. This was definitely a game we would have a lost a few months ago. Nikki came with our son to pick me up and I could hear him shouting across the car park, very cute.

Sunday - We had a lazy morning, even if our son didn't nap and then headed to Attingham Estate for a walk with a friend and his son. We had a great time walking through the snowdrops that are currently in bloom and there were plenty of opportunities to get some photos taken. We also visited the large play field and just let the boys runaround and have some independent fun, really nice to see our son happy to do this. In the evening we joined my parents in going out for a well earned meal.

Five Favourite Friday... Board Games

It's Friday again, which can only mean one thing, it's time for another Five Favourite Friday post, this week its Board Games chosen by Nikki.  Even though I don't profess to being any good at them, I do love playing board games, there's little else better than having some friends over and playing a game of relationship-destroyer Monopoly (you can probably guess one of my choices now). Anyway on with my five favourite board games.

1) Risk - Although the version I own is a little outdated (where exactly is Ural), it is one of my go to games as it takes skill, patience and a good amount of luck to win at Risk.

2) Cluedo / Clue - Professor Plum, with the lead piping in the kitchen? The traditional version of Cluedo appeals to the detective in all of us, a real whodunnit.

3) Monopoly Classic Edition - Why board game manufacturers feel the need to mess with classics is beyond me. You cant beat the original version of Monopoly, I always try to buy the brown properties as they're cheap to buy and upgrade and then the stations, but there are lots of different strategies that can be brought into play.

4) Trivial Pursuit - Questions about a range of subjects where players need to earn wedges in the six different categories to win the game.

5) Pictionary - Who doesn't enjoy a good doodle, and with a competitive element added make Pictionary one of my top games to play.

Be sure to check out Nikki's favourite Board Games on her blog.

Weigh-in Wednesday (Week 3)

This is a bit of a non-post, but I thought I'd let you know that I won't be able to post a Weigh-In Wednesday post this week as I've injured my wrist and I'm having great difficulty typing at the moment. It's my intentions to do a double post next week to make up for it. Rest assured, I'm still keeping up with all my inputs so I'll be able to cover each week.  Until then...

Free App Of The Week (Apple) - Chameleon Run

Apple are currently offering 'Chameleon Run' by Noodlecake Studio as their Free App of the week. First things first, this is a beautiful game. I saw that it had been awarded the Apple Design Award, but it really does look amazing, that's the first thing that leaps out when you load the game up. Talking of which, the game loads straight into the tutorial, which teaches you the basics of the game. In essence, Chameleon Run is a very simple game with two controls, by default your left thumb changes the character's colour and your right thumb is jump.

I see Chameleon Run as a similar game to the Temple Run games, where you have a character progressing through each level and you have simple controls that can be used to avoid obstacles. In Chameleon Run, you run and jump along a path trying to ensure you're the right colour for the platform your jumping on to whilst collect all the marbles and 'smoking crystals', whilst trying to get the quickest time and challenge yourself not to change colour. Each level has three objectives based on these to collect and keeps track of your fastest time.

I should say a big thank you to Apple for giving away two great app in the past two weeks, in Roofbot and Chameleon Run, I've enjoyed both immensely and I've taken to playing both on my commute to and from work.  Chameleon Run is a beautiful, simple game to play and I'm so glad I downloaded it.  I'm not sure that my son (22 months old) would get very far on it, but I love it and that's all that matters at the moment!

'Chameleon Run' by Noodlecake Studios - 5/5

The Last Week (06/02/2017)

Monday - A break from my usual Monday routine, I chose not to play five-a-side due to some pain I was experiencing in my knees (I'm not sure what the problem was but they feel better now). My day started after only 3 hours sleep having watched Super Bowl LI the night before. Surprisingly, I didn't feel too bad when I woke, but I started to feel the exhaustion as the day wore on, so I had an early finish. When I got home, I put YouTube on to watch a couple of videos, but after two lost hours i realised that I may have dozed off. Nikki brought my son home at around 19:00 and after a quick chat/book reading/cuddle it was soon time for bath and bed for my son. From about 21:00, my little boy started a hacking cough, we think he's suffering with croup, so I decided to take him into our bed to settle and fortunately he slept like a baby.

Tuesday - A nice start to the evening, when I finally got a lift from the station, because I went to meet Nikki from work to pick up our little boy from Nursery. There was a lovely moment when he spotted me through a window into the room and started running around with excitement. There was an abrupt ending to this when he fell over, then all he wanted was a cuddle from his mum. After some difficulty in getting him to eat his tea, he was soon bathed and in bed. We then spent the evening watching YouTube videos whilst I prepped some blog posts before going to bed.

Wednesday - I had been trying to call my doctors for an appointment to see someone about my ear (I'd been suffering some discomfort), so I decided to go down to the surgery and set up camp until someone would see me. Fortunately, my encampment lasted only 40 minutes before I got to see the nurse. I then had a lift out to work, calling by McDonalds to grab some breakfast. At the end of the day, before Nikki arrived home with our little boy, I managed to spend some time on Gears Of War trying to get to, and complete, Wave 50 of Horde. No such luck. On the first game, before wave 2 started we were reduced to 2 members on the team and in the second game, we couldn't get past Wave 17. After spending some time reading to my son, it was time for his bath and bed. When we got to spend time together, me and Nikki watched YouTube and preparing some blog posts.

Thursday - I visited Nottingham with work to attend a training session and got back later than usual, but grabbed a couple of Happy Meals for our tea. Our son pinched some of our chips as we watched CBeebies until his bedtime. After that we watched YouTube and I realised how much I was missing something good to watch on Netflix, Now TV or live TV.

Friday - We treated ourselves, by going to see the new 'Lego Batman Movie' (2017) at the cinema in the afternoon, sitting in the VIP seats at our local odeon cinema.  I really enjoyed the film as it combines two of my passions, Lego and Batman, and I'm planning a separate post to review the film. After the film we went to pick up our son and have tea with my parents.

Saturday - A full on day even if not much was achieved. We started the day by going into town to look for some new glasses, although we only came away with some shoes and toy dinosaurs for our son. We returned home for our little boy to have a nap, whilst we played on Terraria and watched Arsenal Vs Hull City. Nikki became restless so we decided to go out to find a soft play centre, regrettably the three that we tried were either rammed or had a private party going on. We spent some time looking at the fish and pets at a garden centre, but after an hour of trawling round Shrewsbury to find somewhere for our son, we gave up and headed to McDonalds for lunch. As an alternative to the soft play centre, we visited Toys R Us, fortunately for me, they had a Lego event on where you could build and take away a Batman compact car. I spent along time trying to build one whilst grabbing the bits for another one for Nikki. We got back just in time to watch Wales Vs England in the 6 Nations, England managed a late 16-21 victory. We put our son to bed and continued to play on Terraria.
Sunday - A very lazy day, we visited Nikki's parents to have lunch and spent the afternoon watching Burnley vs Chelsea and Swansea City vs Leicester City. It was quite late when we got back so little man went straight to bed and we played on Terraria until retiring ourselves.

Five Favourite Friday... Video Game Weapons

This week's Five Favourite Friday post is all about 'Video Game Weapons'. There are a number of games that have multiple weapons that I really like (Terraria - Death Sickle, Paladin's Hammer; Gears Of War - Boomshot), but as always I'm limiting myself to only one weapon per game, which makes things a bit tricky for me. These are my picks:

Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle - Gears Of War series

Iconic and synonymous with Gears Of War, the Lancer is an assault rifle fitted with a chainsaw bayonet. Although not particularly accurate it is stand issue to those in the COG and ammo is abundant throughout the game.

Vampire Knives - Terraria
Such an interesting melee weapon available in Terraria which doesn't deal huge amounts of damage, but it does have a trick up its sleeve. The Vampire Knives heals the player with every hit on an opponent that deals damage. Like my next choice, they aren't something you can pick up easily, if at all, because they are found in Crimson Chests in the dungeon, which are only found in Crimson worlds. Coupled with having to craft a biome key (which uses a key mild on console and have a drop rate of 0.04%), makes obtaining this item difficult and slow but not impossible.

Diamond Sword - Minecraft
The best unenchanted sword in one of my favourite games, although it usually takes a long time spelunking to get the diamonds required to craft one of these, it's a must for taking on the latter boss in the game.

Spiny Shell (blue shell) - Mario Kart series

We've all been there, cruising around the circuit on Mario Kart, leading the race with no one near you, approaching the finish line and then you hear it. The warning sounds. There's a panic. Can you out run it? Are you going to make it to the finish line before it hits? Have you got a big enough lead to take the hit and still win? And then the blue shell hovers above you and slams into you just before the finish line. And every competitor flies by and your final placing is last. I won't lie, I have hung around the back of the field in the anticipation of getting a blue shell just to use on my friends. However, when I clock others are doing it to me, god help them!
LSAT - Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2

The LSAT, equipped with a target finder and quickdraw handle, was my weapon of choice back in Black Ops 2. The high capacity magazine, coupled with the decent levels of accuracy made for a great weapon to take to the battlefield. The only downside was the time it took to reload, usually meaning that someone can creep up with a knife and take you out with one hit!

I've got two honourable mentions this week, I've not played the Portal games, but from the sound of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (Portal 1 & 2) it sounds like my kinda weapon and the Sheep bomb in Worms is always good for a laugh. Are there any weapons I should have considered? Let me know in the comments below. As always, head on over to Just Around The Riverbend to read Nikki's favourite five.

Nikki has chosen 'Board Games' for next week, so I'll have have to put my thinking cap on to come up with some good choices.

Free App Of The Week (Apple) - Roofbot

Apple are currently offering 'Roofbot: Puzzler On The Roof' by Double Coconut as their Free App of the week. 'Roofbot' is a deceptively simple game where you need to move Roofie, the protagonist of the adventure, around a gird to collect and deposit energy balls to progress through the levels. When walking around the grid, once you step off a tile it drops down and you cannot use it again.

The game has gorgeous visuals, which convey an ethereal feeling to the game, you can feel the passion that the developer have put into the game. Although there is a tutorial that you need to complete as port of the levels, it was easy to pick up and start playing from the off.
The one fault I found with the game, although quite minor, was that on occasions the game didn't recognise the direction of my swiping and sending the character the wrong way - meaning Roofie could fall and lose the progress made on that level. This combined with the character moving relatively slowly around the board meant it felt a chore to do the levels where this occurred.
I've really enjoyed playing 'Roofbot' this week and it's got that addictive quality that all the best games have. As always, I like to consider if my little boy would enjoy the free games, and I'm sure in time he will love this kind of game, but he's far too young at the moment to play 'Roofbot'. I will add that if it weren't for the slight issue about recognising where I wanted Roofie to go, we may have seen my first 5/5 review!
'Roofbot' by Double Coconut - 4.5/5

Weigh-in Wednesday (Week 2)


But, Mousie, thou art no thy lane
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best laid schemes o' mice an' men
Gang aft a-gley,
An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain,
For promised joy.

Robert Burns
I realise as I start to type out this post that my intentions to try and do a series of posts about weight loss have left me floundering.  I'm not going to lie, I thought it'd be easy to knock together a post each week about how I've things have gone... then I sat down to bring a post together and I got bloggers-block. I had intended to use TactioHealth as my source for these posts, but it doesn't offer me what I want, so I've had to reconsider my approach. Instead, I've decided to use the Fitbit app as seems to collate all the information I think I want to publish.
I've been really good at recording the food I have eaten in this first week, but I have found that I've been caught in a catch 22 situation.  I am fully aware that shop bought food isn't as healthy as making your own versions, but they are much more convenient to scan into the MyFitnessPal app.  As you can see from the graph, I appear to have generally under-eaten calories this week, but there have been days when I know I've not eaten healthily so there's room for improvement next week.
Steps | 2 days out of 7
(Target 5 days out of 7)
Total | 33,940 steps

I know that I've not done my usual number of steps this week for one reason or another (not playing five-a-side) for one and I only met my 6K step target twice, which I would expect to meet at least 4 days a week.  The strange thing about last week is I reached my daily goal on Saturday, as I don't tend to do as much walking at the weekends.  I'm aiming to do more steps next week, which should be achievable.
Water | 3 days out of 7
(Target 5 days out of 7)

Since I downloaded the WaterMinder app last week, I have found that I've drunk plenty and have recorded how much I drink, so again, I'm surprised that I haven't met my target of drinking 2500ml per day, for 5 days. Looks like I may need to raise a glass (or two!)

Active Hours | 27 Total for the Week
(Target 30 Hours per Week)

Although I'm unsure as to how many active hours I'm supposed to be doing per week, I've set myself a target. This target is one I plan to increase as time goes by. Ideally I'd like to be reaching 35 hours per week by the end of 2017. But for now I seem to be consistently hitting 27 hours each week (not on purpose!) but in the short term I am aiming to habitually hit 30 hours per week and then gradually increasing my target towards the end of 2017.

The Last Week (30/01/2017)

Monday - As normal, I had a quick turnaround after work to see Nikki and my little boy, who was insistent on telling me that his Nanna had dropped an egg when preparing tea before heading to football. It was a really enjoyable game, even if the scoring was low (I think 7-3). I got two goals, defensively I played well with lots of tackles and interceptions, and I don't think I let a goal in when it was my turn. The very fact it took our opposition until the 52nd minute to get their first goal tells its own story. Upon returning home, my little boy went to bed with no fuss and we watch TV until we went to bed ourselves.

Tuesday - A standard kinda day, I arrived home shortly before Nikki and my son, so I prepared some tea for his arrival home. We spent some time reading books before bath and bed. Thankfully it was a settled night from my son so we were able to watch some uninterrupted TV before bed.

Wednesday - Another evening spent looking after my little boy before bath and bed, then we watched a couple more episodes of 'Death In Paradise'. We're almost at the end of season 4, the last available one on Netflix, we will have to decide if we will skip season 5 and watch 6 on iPlayer or not, decisions, decisions. Nikki also helped me update my blog with a new header (courtesy of Emmy's Beauty Cave) and template. Let me know what you think of the new design!

Thursday - An early start to get into the office for an 08:30 meeting, but i got a lift in so it didn't feel rushed like normal. The evening didn't follow like this, though and it felt a bit exhausting until the little man went to bed. After which, we continued to watch 'Death In Paradise' and YouTube before going to bed ourselves.

Friday - I had hoped to finish work earlier than normal, as I'd worked late in Tuesday, but a meeting due to finish at 16:15 put an end to that thought. We got to 15:30 and a couple of people said they couldn't now make the meeting and it would be cancelled. Frustrating, but at least I got a lift home from my dad, who had my little boy with him. We had a great journey home, lots of loud, aggressive sounding animal noise but all good mannered. When we got back my auntie and uncle called by for a chat, and it turned out a good reading session for my son (my auntie read him about 12 books in the hour we were together). For tea, we had a chicken curry prepared by my dad, and it turns out my son likes curry - nothing is sacred as we say.

Saturday - I woke relatively early and thought I'd pop to the shops to grab a few bits for breakfast. I tried to open the car door, but it was frozen closed. So I decided to go for a walk to a nearby supermarket rather than the one we normally go to. It was spookily walking round the shop as that had just opened and there was hardly anyone else in. Nikki took our son, along with her mum and sister to West Mid Safari Park, whilst I when to watch the football as Shrewsbury Town took on Bury. The only trouble was I couldn't find my car key and the only other key is was 60 miles away with Nikki. I spent an hour trying to find my key and get hold of someone that might be able to give me a ride to the ground before kick-off. Fortunately, I managed to get hold of my dad who made a special trip to help me out - I really appreciate the assistance I get from my parents. I'm glad I made to the match as Shrewsbury dominated the game. Although the statistics at the bed of the game were fairly even, I think Shrewsbury were keeping Bury at arms length and the final score of 2-1 flattered Bury. Another 3 points lifter us up another place in the table, putting a bit of a gap between us and the relegation places, the only way is up. I had tried to warn Nikki that I'd left the house in a bit of a state when I'd left for the game, warning her it wasn't child friendly. When I got in from the match, I was shocked and amazed to see that she had done a fantastic job in tidying the front room - again I really appreciated this.

Sunday - After doing a quick shop for a few essential items, we went to visit some friends for the afternoon. We had a great time playing games with the children. Our son was so cute playing in a toy kitchen, he decided to do some role play and was offering everyone cups of tea and plates of food. As the night wore on I got prepared to watch the Super Bowl (you can read my quarter by quarter review here). In the early hours of Monday morning I finally got to sleep.

Super Bowl LI - Quarter by Quarter Review

In the small hours Of Sunday night and Monday morning (in the UK), the biggest game of the NFL season took place, possibly the biggest entertainment spectacle in the sport. I settled down for the match  and These are my thoughts on the spectacle that was Super Bowl LI:

Q1 - A steady opening for both sides, the Falcons played the running game, whereas the Patriots when for gains by passing long.

Q2 - In the second quarter the falcon open the scoring and soon raced into a 21-0 lead. The Falcons started to switch their plays up for the first two touchdowns, by getting the Pats to tighten up due to the direct running and then changing to accurate passing in to the end zone. The third TD was an interception turnover and a 82 yard run. Wow! Some fantastic defensive play by the Falcons restricted the patriots to a field goal as their only score of the half, ending 21-3.

Halftime show - Lady Gaga opened her show from the top of the stadium before parasailing down to the stage. The show was what I expected from a Lady Gaga concert, lots of lights, anthemic songs and tightly choreographed dance routines. Although it was a great performance it was a shame Lady Gaga didn't do any collaborations during her set and I didn't enjoy it as much as some of the previous halftime shows. That said, it was fantastically staged, and she did manage a costume change in the brief performance.

Q3 - Some more excellent play by the Falcons put another score on the board. As someone who doesn't know the fine details of the sport, even I could see that the Patriots were struggling to cope with their opponents use of the ball. Later in the quarter, the Patriots got their first TD, but missed the following kick, hitting the upright, bringing the score to 28-9

Q4 - The Patriots started the quarter strongly making many yards, but after sacking Tom Brady twice in successive plays, the Patriots had to settle with a field goal. A turnover midway through the quarter resulted in a TD and two-point conversion. At the end of the quarter a 91 drive and second two-point conversion tied the game with a minute to go. The end of regulation time saw the score finishing 28-28 and the Super Bowl went to overtime for the first time.

Overtime - On the first drive the Patriots threw the ball down the field and scored a touch down (apparently), despite not appearing to get the ball to the line... One day I get the rules of the game! This meant they won the game 34-28.

Congratulations to the New England Patriots on a spectacular comeback, for winning the game and taking home the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Watching tonight's game reminded me why I love watching American football, hopefully I'll get to watch some more NFL games next season and try to get to a local game too.