The Last Week (19/12/2016, 26/12/2016 & 02/01/2017)

The last couple of weeks have been strange as I haven't found time to do my weekly review of what I've been up to (slap on the wrist). But I've put the time in to try to remember what I've done over the last three weeks...

W/c 19/12/2016
Monday - The count down to Christmas had begun as I was only due into the office on Monday and Wednesday this week. It was a strange start to the day as my little boy went to nursery in the morning, which changed (for the better) my routine going to work. I finished the day earlier than usual too so I could spend more time with my son before heading out to football. Five-a-side was great fun, no idea how many I scored or if there was a result but it was nice to see someone playing that I hadn't seen since they injured themselves in the early part of the year.
Tuesday - I had the day off so we could take our son to see Santa Claus at Attingham Park, a National Trust estate in Shropshire. I'm so glad that we were able to book a ticket for him when we did as it soon sold out! Upon arrival we waited in a round room with a giant Christmas Tree in the middle of it, when we were called through, we got asked to step through a wardrobe in to a winter wonderland. Mrs Claus offered to take a family photo in a woodland scene before an elf escorted us to see Santa in his workshop. There was a bit of awkwardness as our 19 month old son was a bit intimidated by Santa and had a few tears when we went to take a photo. Such a good experience and we'll definitely try and go back in future years, but I would say that this was probably a trip that mum and dad wanted as much as our son will remember it!
Wednesday - My last day in the office. We spent the evening wrapping Christmas presents we had bought for others, getting a bit closer to being ready for Christmas.
Thursday - An emotional day as I attended my Aunties funeral and most of the day was a blur. All that I can remember was a lovely eulogy from my uncle and my son lightening the mood after we collected him from nursery, a very much needed light relief.
Friday - We spend the day watching films (initially 'Shrek 2' (2004) and some of 'It's A Wonderful Life' (1946)) before getting a bit more prepared for Christmas.
Saturday - We spent the morning playing Terraria whilst our son napped, then we watched (on repeat) Disney's 'Santa's Workshop' (1932) for our little boy's enjoyment before heading out to the Bridgewater Arms at Harmer Hill to celebrate my partner's sister's birthday. I had a beautiful Double Stack Steak Burger, with cheese and streaky bacon, very yummy! After lunch we headed back to my partner's parents to see out the rest of the birthday / Christmas Eve as we were staying overnight. In the evening, we played a round of Cluedo with 5 of us playing, more than I'm used to. I got very fortunate as someone as good as revealed the last bit of information I required to make an accusation when it was a race to win but it was a lot easier for me to make the accusation and win the game! As the night rolled on and others went to bed, I started to watch 'Die Hard' (1988), in the spirit of watching Christmas films(!).
Sunday - The big day, Christmas came and Santa had obviously thought I'd been a good boy this year, lots of lovely presents were shared out and plenty of family time!

W/c 26/12/2016
Monday - In the morning we watched 'The Muppet's Christmas Carol' (1992) and then in the afternoon we started playing on 'Gears Of War 4' through the the campaign, I had hoped to play it in the morning but a massive update and installation was required before the game would load!
Tuesday - After our sons nap we took a stroll around the grounds of Attingham Park, enjoying a bit of winter sunshine. In the afternoon we went to Telford town centre, which turned out to be a bit of a disaster. There were no available parent and child spaces in the Southwater car park, and we waited 20 minutes to try to get in a lift with our pushchair, but each time the lift went by there was no space - the only saving grace was that we didn't have to pay to park otherwise all hell may have broken loose. To consolidate ourselves we went to KFC for lunch in Shrewsbury, this was the first time our son had eaten a meal with ketchup and eaten it properly (i.e. not sucking the sauce off chips). When we arrived home, we snuggled up and watched 'The Gruffalo's Child' (2011).
Wednesday - We spent the day with friends and their children having a second Christmas, lots of chat, films, fun and playing with their Lego, which I loved. In the evening we watched the Christmas special of 'Jonathan Creek', which I described to my partner was a bit like Sherlock Holmes. This turned out to be a good move as she really enjoyed it and triggered our next programme to binge watch.
Thursday - Again, we headed to Attingham Park, this time with my partners family for a leisurely stroll and an opportunity to takes some photographs as the sun broke through the mist on to the frost covered fields. In the afternoon we started watching the original series of 'Jonathan Creek'.
Friday - Before our sons nap, we put on 'Finding Dory' (2016) (another Christmas present) before treating ourselves to lunch at our local Morrisons store. To work off some of the calories we'd consumed we went for a walk up Haughmond Hill. In the evening we lost internet, I felt so lost, it finally came back at midnight.
Saturday - Unbelievably, nearly a week had passed since Christmas Day! To start the day off we watched 'Zootopia' (2016) as a family, our son stayed engaged for most of the film which is quite the compliment. In the late afternoon we upsticks again to go to my partner's parents to see in the new year and stay overnight. We spent time playing board games before watching the London fireworks to celebrate the new year.
Sunday - New Year's Day was nice and relaxed, visiting my parents for lunch, then building up to watching the first episode of the latest 'Sherlock' series on BBC.
W/c 02/01/2017
Monday - In the afternoon, I attended the Shrewsbury game against Fleetwood Town, the fourth time we'd played them in about 6 weeks, due to two legs in the FA Cup. Although we lost 0-1 and it was a poor match, we did have a sustained period of attacking football in the second half, ultimately there weren't enough quality efforts on goal.

Tuesday - We spent the vast majority of the day watching early episodes of 'Jonathan Creek', before doing some tidying up after Christmas and New Years.

Wednesday - Despite being on leave for nearly two weeks by this point, Wednesday gave me my first bit of time alone, so I set up and watched 'Iron Man 2' (2010) & 'Iron Man 3' (2013). I've got to say I enjoyed the third instalment much more than the second, however I was struggling to stay awake during them so I'll probably give the second film another go another time.

Thursday - My partner had a lunchtime session to go through an speaking and listening exam, held at a local garden centre. Along with my father, I went along to support hear in being an 'independent' to listen to her two discussions. After the exam, I went into Shrewsbury town centre for the first time in along time to have a look at what was on offer. Nothing grabbed me, so I headed home shortly afterwards.

Friday - I got to spend the afternoon with my little man, so we decided to watch 'The Good Dinosaur' (2015) (for the third time over Christmas) before heading round to see my parents - they hadn't seen him in nearly a week, so I thought it only fair, plus we were offered tea when we got round there. My little boy was at his entertaining best, drawing, singing and playing with his toys. When we got in, he went to sleep easily and we could continue watching 'Jonathan Creek'.

Saturday - In the afternoon we when to visit my partner's parents as her mother is due to go for some treatment in hospital on Monday and won't have much opportunity to see her grandson for a couple of days, so this was the best time to spend an afternoon with us.

Sunday - We started the day by watching 'Finding Nemo' (2003) to help our little boy chill out. We took a trip to Bridgemere Garden Centre with my parents to get our son a second craft table, similar to one he had been given to him for Christmas (when he opened the present, my partner thought it would be nice to have one at our house, so it seemed like a good idea). Whilst we were there we grabbed some lunch and went around some of the shops inside the centre. Our sons face was a picture going around the fish shop and he was yelling for his Grandad at the top of his voice, much to the amusement of other customers. In the evening we set about building the table and chair and spending some time with my parents.

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