The Last Week (16/01/2017)

Monday - The day itself passed off without to much incident, but five-a-side didn't get off to the best start. My first involvement was to be nutmegged, then a few minutes later I couldn't get out of the way of the ball as someone cleared their lines and it smacked me on the side of the face, sending my glasses flying and one of the lenses popped out - all in the first 5 minutes or so. After locating a spare pair of glasses to allow me see again, I think I put in a decent performance, a few good goals (including an obligatory ricocheted shot off the wall) and some good interceptions and tackles, but I didn't move around enough, backed up by my Fitbit stats. When I finally got home, I put my little boy to bed and prepared a couple of blog post whilst he settled.

Tuesday - First task of the day was to repair my glasses, as I was too tired to do it on Monday. After my little boy had his dinner, we spent some time playing with his toys and running around the front room before he went to bed, Nikki then watch some beauty YouTube videos whilst i played on my phone.

Wednesday - Not much to report  from the day itself, nor the evening as we spent our together time catching up on YouTube videos. I did managed to grab about an hour on Gears Of War and got to around wave 40 on Horde before bailing to look after my little boy. Once our son was tucked up in bed, i set about helping Nikki with finishing some exam work for a qualification she's working towards.

Thursday - Not the best start to the day as our son woke at 04:00 crying and refused to go back to sleep. Although we finally got him settled it was 06:00 and we couldn't rest ourselves after this point. A confession, I did need a stimulant to get through the day, over 2 litres of cola consumed to give me a chance to make it to home time. When I got home, I sneaked another brief Horde session, but things weren't going my way and I had to prepare tea for the family so I finished on, around, wave 15. After watching some YouTube, we headed to bed where I caught the last half hour of 'Batman Vs Superman' (2016).  Glad I didn't pay to see it at the cinema as it wasn't what I expected (or wanted), but the cinematic shot looked great. I also found it difficult to follow as the volume of speech and environment sounds fluctuated wildly, so I was constantly adjusting my volume and trying not to wake any one else up.

Friday - Another early morning with my son waking at 06:00, but at least he settled back down relatively quickly before watching CBeebies. Some excitement as I got into work, I had grabbed a bacon butty for my breakfast and had jumped in the lift when someone else jumped in. I pressed the button to get to the right floor, but as we approached it, the lift came to a sudden holt and after a few seconds the doors remained closed. I'd often wondered what would happened if I got trapped in a lift, I now know! After a few minutes I mentioned to my fellow passenger that at least I had a bacon butty I could share if we were in there for some time.  He replied "I'm a vegetarian", feeling a bit sorry for him, I resisted tucking into my roll.  About five minutes later the lift fell slowly to the ground floor, we tried the button again and reach our desired floor, it was only on this final trip my colleague explained that the lift had broken down on him three out of the last four times he'd used it!  I prearranged to finish early and spend some time with my dad and son, on the return trip home, my little boy cried for most of the journey, and when we arrived home, he decided that a blue crayon looked tasty and ate the top half inch. Queue some frantic parenting to try and remove as much crayon from his mouth as possible. 

Saturday - The day started very early, as my son woke at 01:30 crying. We decided he should sleep with his mum in our bed, and I'd sleep on the floor of his room. I didn't get a good nights sleep and woke at 06:00, so i thought I'd make use of the extra time and watch a film. After a quick scan over the options on Netflix and Now TV, I decided to watch 'Captain America: Civil War' (2016). As it was finishing, Nikki and my son came downstairs and joined me. We had breakfast and then went shopping, before my son had his morning nap. Whilst he napped we continued to watch 'Death In Paradise'. In the afternoon I went to watch Shrewsbury Town take on Oldham Athletic. I've got to say it wasn't a classic match, with both sides lacking quality in the final third and, for Shrewsbury, in their own half because they gave the ball away a lot in dangerous positions in the first 20 minutes. Freddie Lapado scored his second goal in as many games to give Shrewsbury their second 1-0 victory of the week, which moved them out of the relegation places. In the evening we spent some time with Nikki's parents before heading home to put our son to bed and watch some more 'Death In Paradise'.

Sunday - A better night sleep all round with our son waking at 06:45 after a full night sleep and when we got downstairs a small snow shower was occurring, although it didn't last long. Again we watched 'Death In Paradise' when our son went for a nap. Unfortunately the nap didn't last very long so we headed out to do some shopping at a near by retail park. I decided that as our son had been so good recently, we'd go to a toy shop and get him a treat. After an hour of "looking" at things (and a nappy change that wasn't required) he finally decided on some toy ducks for his bath. We stopped for a McDonalds before heading home to watch 'Cars 2' (2011) and the second half of Arsenal Vs Burnley, which ended 2-1. We decided to have an early night because of the cold that we were all affected by, not that our little boy understood this, he struggled to stay asleep until we got to 21:30, then the settled for the night.

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